In Brief- Engineers Without Borders Benefit

039Thursday night Avogadro’s Number hosted a benefit concert for the CSU student group Engineers Without Borders. The music lineup evolved somewhat between the time the event was posted online and the night of the show, and the snow storm that night did not help. Still, almost all of the musicians who were expected made it to the venue, eventually, and since the sound-tech that night was local singer-songwriter Derek Blake, he was invited to play a short set to fill in while other musicians straggled in from the storm.

114The night’s line-up included a pop duo called Empire City, from Colorado Springs, plus the Avo’s house bluegrass band Rawah, a folk duo, a brand new funk band that has emerged from the Hodi’s funk jams and has no name yet, and Nic Jay, one of the lovely lads from Petals of Spain, doing a solo set.

098It might come as a surprise that I only got a few photos of Nic, but this fact might seem less surprising when coupled with the fact that I was playing sound-tech’s apprentice during Nic’s set. Since I’ve heard him sing before I had a reference that made my ear a bit more useful at the sound board. This is not to say I am now qualified to run sound (I’m not.) but it was a fun chance to learn a bit more about ‘doing sound’. Hopefully Nic Jay will be bringing his band, Petals of Spain, back to Fort Collins within the next few months.

122For me, of course, Nic’s set was the highlight of the evening’s show, but the rest of the show was pretty good too. The funk band was particularly promising, bringing together some of the best of the Hodi’s funk jam regulars, with Andrew Waltman on bass and Tyler Simmons (formerly of Papagoya) on electric guitar. This band had only practiced together once, ever, before Thursday night’s show, so the fact that they sounded like they were all playing in the same band would be accomplishment enough. By the time they have a band name and facebook band page, these guys may be a band to watch.


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