Free Range Pickens EP

Free Range Pickens EP     ♥♥♥♥♥ (5 hearts out of 5)

Free Range Pickens in Fort Collins

Free Range Pickens at Equinox

One of my favorite local bluegrassy bands has fixed their bandcamp site, making their lovely 4-track EP available for download ($1) and streaming. This nice little album starts out with one of my favorite Free Range Pickens songs, “Weight of It All”, which features Mark ‘Rooster’ Austin on vocals. It also includes the very pretty song “Skipping Stones”, a duet sung by Robin Lewis and Derek Blake that always leaves the audience silent and spell-bound as the last lines fade away, pretty impressive considering how enthusiastic their audiences can be otherwise. The other two songs are “Jorts”, a tune by Derek Blake about jean-shorts and getting over the end of a romance, and “Peace of Mind”, another very lovely song sung by Robin Lewis.

It would be impossible for me to keep the talented folks of Free Range Pickens in my apartment to play their songs for me when I want them. And, while in warmer months I walk to quite a few more venues further away from home to catch shows, while it is cold and gross outside (like tonight) I don’t venture out quite so far. It’s great to have this great EP available now, so I can get my Free Range Pickens fix still while I am a bit less likely to see them live for a while. Those of you in Fort Collins with cars or bikes have less excuse to miss this fantastic band when they play live, and since they like playing in ski-towns, much of the rest of the Colorado region may get their chance to see these guys play. Still, in the meantime their EP is actually a really good representation of what they sound like in person, and for a dollar it’s an album just about everyone who likes folk, bluegrass, jam-band tunes or good music in general ought to own.

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