Podcast Adventures- MuttLeeFools

My new adventure this month has been a podcast called MuttLeeFools. The name derives from the two crazy fellows who started this podcast months ago, Jason “Mutt” Rogers and Kyle Lee. I suppose that means I’m the ‘Fool’, but so far that’s not so bad. Imagine you have the three of us lounging in your living room, gabbing about stuff over a wine, beer and pizza. I am not one to listen to talk shows myself, but there are some fun bits in these podcast episodes. We talk a bit about music, of course, plus comic books, movies, television shows, and pop culture in general. Mutt Rogers is a local comedian and runs the Live at Lunch program on KRFC, our local community-supported radio station. Kyle Lee is a comic book enthusiast.

Episode 1 (Volume 2 Issue 1 of MuttLeeFools) – My first foray into podcasting, highlights include vampires and zombies.

Episode 2 (Volume 2 Issue 2 of MuttLeeFools) – Music picks (Covergeist, Qbala, Von Stomper, Celtic Thunder and Rah Rah), Writing process, Carmen SanDiego and new game consoles, and lots more.

About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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