Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: Nov 17

This week’s list incorporates the results from some dedicated spotify surfing, browsing through the ‘related artists’ listed for artists I already know I enjoy. There are a few old-familiar songs this week, including my favorite Darrell Scott tune, one of my favorite Celtic Thunder songs, and a Danielle Ate the Sandwich song (she played a show here in Fort Collins this weekend). New finds include two that were recommended to me by local musicians I was hanging out with earlier this week, one by the Tallest Man on Earth and one by Mac Demarco. I also came across a Johnny Cash song I liked, that someone played on the jukebox while I was working in the Avo’s bar, posting photos on the facebook page. Many of the rest are songs I came across by spotify-surfing, though some of those artists I’d heard before. 

The List:

1. Redbird (We’re All Friends and Lovers Until It Falls Apart)- “Therein Lies the Grey” – Here’s one of the new artists I came across while surfing the spotify library. There were a couple songs on this album I wanted to add to this list, but the rest will just have to wait till later weeks. Redbird is a band out of Vancouver, and this song is off their debut EP from 2011.

2. Celtic Thunder (Voyage II)– “Girls, Girls, Girls” – I own a digital copy of this album, so on my personal playlists I could listen to songs from Voyage II but they would not show up on public lists because they were not available on spotify. Sometime since I last checked, this album is now on spotify, so I can add my favorite songs from this album to my playlists.

3. Sarah Jarosz (Build Me Up From Bones)- “Build Me Up From Bones” – Rarely the spotify ads that interrupt whatever I am working on actually introduce me to music I would actually listen to willingly. I am pretty sure that spotify doesn’t do ad matching the way google or facebook do it, because no one in their right mind would suggest Miley Cyrus or the rap albums that keep popping up, as something I would want, with the listening patterns I have established. But, this album actually was advertised to me by spotify, and I ran across it again while surfing the library.

4. Darrell Scott (Rough Guide to Bluegrass)- “You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive” – I’ve been infatuated with the live session video on youtube of this man performing this song for BBC, so when I saw it among the search results for something else, I had to add it to this week’s list.

5. Johnny Cash (American V: A Hundred Highways)- “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” – Someone had this song playing on the jukebox at Avo’s while I was trying to get in the mood to put my list together, and I was enamored with it enough to look it up and add it to this list before I closed down my computer to go home for the night.

6. The Tallest Man on Earth (Shallow Grave)- “The Gardener” – Two different musicians suggested this song to me this past week, so I added it to the playlist. I may prefer some of the other songs on this album, but I haven’t really digested this song yet either. My guess is that it will be one of those songs that grows on me the more I hear it. The Tallest Man on Earth, by the way, is also known as Swedish folk artist Kristian Matsson.

7. Danielle Ate the Sandwich (Things People Do)- “On the Planet Earth” – I missed Danielle’s show yesterday at the Bizarre Bazaar, so I had to at least add one of my favorite songs from the past few live shows I’ve seen her perform. From what I remember her saying at one of those shows (maybe misremembering, since it was a while ago) there really was a man this song was inspired by, and not a man Danielle is dating now. One of the things I like about her songs is that they are so relateably autobiographical. A lot of other folk songwriters also write more personal autobiographical songs, but most of those people I have heard are older men or lesbian women addressing their sexuality, or someone else interesting and cool but not so much like me.

8. Mac Demarco (2)- “Ode to Viceroy” – This was the other musician-recommended song on this week’s list. I sampled a few other songs, and liked what I heard, but I figured I might as well start with the song Derek suggested.

9. Brooks & Dunn (#1’s … and Then Some) – “Boot Scootin’ Boogie” – I may not dance in public very often or very well, but my cat can attest that I turn into a sort of twinkle-toes once I am alone in my apartment. I do not know the correct dance to this song, but it’s still fun dancing around in my kitchen to it, so long as only the cat can see me.

10. David Francey (Torn Screen Door)- “Wind in the Wires” – It’s not much of a surprise that another song off this album made the list this week. I think this is going to be one of my top 20 favorite albums for the year, though there is a lot of stiff competition.

11. Wiretree (Get Up)- “To the Moon” – Here’s another band I had not heard of until I started spotify-surfing today. I am sure other songs from this album will crop up in future lists. Wiretree is a band out of Austin, Texas.

12. John Prine (Aimless Love)- “Unwed Fathers” – I posted a cover of this song a few weeks back, but here’s a John Prine version. I was actually looking for a song my friend Brooke covers, but I don’t know its title and got sidetracked by this song.

13. Bronze Radio Return (Up, On & Over)- “Rather Never Know” – This album may not make it to my top 20 by the end of December, but this band’s show here a short while ago will probably land in my top 20 favorite live shows for the year, certainly in my top 40. In fact, considering that I haven’t really digested this new album yet, it may grow on me too, at least to land it also in my top 40.

14. Carrie Rodriguez, Ben Kyle (We Still Love Our Country)- “If I Needed You” – This song is probably my favorite on this week’s playlist. Carrie is another artist I came across while spotify-surfing, and she has quite a few great songs I’ll be getting back to later.

15. Erin McKeown (Small Deviant Things, vol. 1)- “Pink Elephant” – I am not sure what it all means, but the title drew me in, and the song sounds really great even if it may take a while to understand it. Yep, I found this one spotify-surfing too.

16. Kris Delmhorst (Cars)- “Why Can’t I Have You” – Another song I landed on while spotify-surfing.

17. Rootstand (Rootabeggar)- “Cold Rain and Snow” – I wanted a version of this song because I enjoy it at bluegrass jams every week, and I tried out the Grateful Dead recordings of it, but I liked this one better this week.

18. Joy Kills Sorrow (This Unknown Science)- “The Ice Is Starting to Melt” – I already know a few of their songs, and have listed them on earlier playlists, but I came across them while spotify-surfing and I had not yet seen this album before.

19. Elizabeth & the Catapult (The Other Side of Zero)– “Promised Land” – One more find from my surfing this weekend.

20. Randy Travis (Worship & Faith)– “Will the Circle Be Unbroken” – I decided this week that I needed this song on my playlist because it keeps getting stuck in my head but I only know a few lines of the lyrics. I didn’t wind up sampling very many because I tried this one right away and it’s gorgeous.

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