In Brief: The Freeway Revival

014I got to spend about an hour hanging out with the excellent North Carolina band Freeway Revival, chatting about music, touring and their album last night, after enjoying their 2hr live show here at Avogadro’s Number in Fort Collins, Colorado. Freeway Revival has become fairly successful in their home state, North Carolina, but they are still in the slow tedious process now of building a fan-base away from home. They have one album out so far, Songs From Home, which has earned them lots of attention further east, but which is largely unknown still here in Colorado.

071Freeway Revival has been together as a band for a few years now, according to their facebook page, but they told me they have only been a touring band for a few months. So, while back home and in states closer to North Carolina these guys enjoy plenty of radio airplay, and can sell out decent-sized venues, they are starting fresh in places like Fort Collins, where they have a few friends but nowhere near enough fans to fill a room, yet.

056As we agreed last night, it will probably be just a matter of judiciously applied good luck and lots of hard work, but there are easily enough people in and around Fort Collins to make our town a reasonable stop on their future tours. This week is a busy one for all the students who would otherwise have been out enjoying the music scene last night, and since Freeway Revival didn’t have a local band along playing a set last night, they couldn’t borrow fans from our more established local acts. Still, Freeway Revival played a good show, and hopefully they will have a better turnout in Golden tonight at the Buffalo Rose. These guys will be back in Fort Collins in mid January, so if they sound like a band you might enjoy, keep an eye out for that January date, which will be booked soon.

075Freeway Revival seems to be either channeling the spirits of the bands from the 70’s, or maybe they stepped through a crack in time from the 70’s with the mission of creating new original music that blends seamlessly with covers of 70’s tunes by Lynyrd Skynyrd, the Eagles and the Allman Brothers. These guys dress like the bands off the music segments of old Saturday Night Live episodes, and Adam Clayton, their pianist/lead vocalist, even has the long straight hair and bushy beard that were the look for such bands for a while. They might play covers in their sets, but as I mentioned already, their emphasis is on original songs, some of them even written by their drummer, Cartwright (since when were drummers great at writing songs?). If time machines seemed more possible I would definitely lean towards the hypothesis that we somehow wound up with 4 musicians from the mid-70’s, and maybe the songs they are writing ought to have been recorded in 1975-6 and become classics by now.

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