Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: Nov 9

How is your NANOWRIMO novel coming along? Mine, an autobiography that will be fictionalized to some extent, possibly, has reached a staggering 31,000 words already, and while I am not writing much about the music I listened to when I was younger, I probably ought to. These songlists certainly seem to get all reminiscent and nostalgic the more I work on my book. Still, there are lots of great songs on this week’s list, including a few I did not know as a kid.

The List:

1. Grateful Dead (American Beauty)- “Brokedown Palace” – Last night was the farewell concert for a Fort Collins musician, Mark Palke, who is headed overseas and got to play one last show with three of his bands at Hodi’s Half Note. This was the song Mark chose to be his last song of the evening, and while the show ran overtime a bit, the venue let Mark finish with this last song anyway. I am sure that whoever those bands bring in to fill the roles Mark is leaving open, he will be decidedly missed.

2. Caravan of Thieves (Mischief Night)– “Psycho Killer” – Here’s another song from this amazing band,who is now on a bit of a well-earned break before heading on their next tour.

3. Dierks Bentley (Up on the Ridge)- “Rovin’ Gambler” – This is from Dierks’ bluegrass inspired album, Up on the Ridge, my favorite of his albums so far. He makes a great dreamy country stud too, but this flavor of music seems to suit him better, in my opinion.

4. Linkin Park (Hybrid Theory)- “My December” – I first came across this song through Josh Groban, and I loved his cover of it, but the original is also lovely and captured nicely how I have been feeling a lot lately. It isn’t December yet, but December will be here soon enough, and if taken metaphorically this song could apply just as easily to and time of the calendar year.

5. Freddie Mercury (The Great Pretender)- “Exercises in Free Love” – Since my nanowrimo project this year is an autobiography, my songlists seem to be infested with songs from my past, from my small but well-loved childhood cassette tape collection. 

6. Celtic Thunder (Voyage)- “Falling Slowly” – Since I already have tickets to the Celtic Thunder show coming up at the end of the month in Loveland, I am really hoping I’ll be seeing this band again soon. It is still the only show for the year from which I will not have photos for my blog, and by far the most expensive show I have on my calendar, these guys still only play here once a year. With the way their public relations issues have gone this year, I’m not so sure I’ll buy tickets to their future shows, but seeing them one last time would still be nice.

7. Europe (Europe)- “Memories” – Here is another song from my childhood.

8. Heart (Little Queen)- “Sylvan Song/ Dream of the Archer” – And here’s another. These two tracks belong together, since “Sylvan Song” sets the tone for “Dream of the Archer”.

9. The Littlest Birds (Migrations) – “The Parting Glass” – I listened to this album several times in a row this weekend, in part to hear this rendition of this contemporary Irish folk song.

10. “Weird Al” Yankovic (Off the Deep End)- “When I Was Your Age” – As kids, my siblings and I used to sing Weird Al songs from memory, some in 3-4 part harmonies, on long car trips. My brother and I competed a little to be the one who remembered the most lyrics, and he usually won on this song.

11. Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark (80’s Hits)- “If You Leave” – This band recorded several songs that are very well known, but hardly anyone I know can recall the band’s name.

12. Roxette (Greatest Hits)- “It Must Have Been Love” – 

13. Journey (Greatest Hits 1 & 2)- “Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)” 

14. Billy Joel (The Complete Hits Collection: 1973-1997)- “Scenes From an Italian Restaurant” 

15. The Judds (Number One Hits)- “Why Not Me” – For all that I hated country music when I was a kid, I loved my Judds tape, and this was one of the songs on that tape. They may be country songs, but the Judds’ songs are also great to sing along to, and I liked to imagine when I was younger that I might grow up to sing like these ladies.

16. Quiet Riot (Metal Health)- “Love’s a Bitch” – I had this album as a kid, too, and cranked the volume on this song whenever my grandparents were around and making me angry. The sentiments in the song went right over my head then, though I appreciate them well enough now, but what I liked about this song was the cuss word. I might not have had the courage to say it out loud where my parents or grandparents could hear me, but I could get away with letting Quiet riot cuss for me.

17. Kent Gustavson (Stolen Shack)- “Poor Wayfaring Stranger” 

18. Queen (Sheer Heart Attack)- “Dear Friends” – Do you know off the top of your head which album Queen’s “Dear Friends” is on? I feel like such a nerd, but yeah, even though I haven’t listened to that album in years, I could still recall the track list of the album in order, too, and hum/whistle through the whole sequence of songs, in album order. The spotify albums I pull from when I add Queen songs to playlists are 40th anniversary collections, not the individual albums, so some days it can be a bit of a memory game guessing the original album. Too bad we don’t have Queen jam sessions along with all the Dead jams and funk jams in town, cause I know queen songs.

19. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (Neil Young Archives Volume I [1963-1972] )– “Ohio” – .

20. The Civil Wars (Barton Hollow)– “Barton Hollow” – One of the bands Marke Palke said goodbye to last night was a trio, B.A.C. (or Back Alley Creepers), a band whose name has a sexual connotation that I have heard is why they go by B.A.C., but this phrase also has a non-sexual British street slang connotation, and turns up in the Queen song “I Want It All” in that form. Anyway, B.A.C. performed a great rendition of this Civil Wars song last night.

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    Haha, I must say I don’t know a lot of these songs but I will give them a shot. Thanks for the pingback 😉 theosaieffect.WordPress.com

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