In Brief: Avo’s Dead Jam

Avo's Dead JamHow many Grateful Dead songs do you know? Well, since not all the songs Grateful Dead performed were their original songs, and many of the Grateful Dead originals have been covered by later bands, you probably know more of their songs than you realize, even if you don’t characterize yourself as a Dead Head. I never really paid much attention to Grateful Dead, and my dad never had their albums in his tape collection, so I was a bit surprised at the first of the Avo’s Dead Jams that I recognized so many of the songs.

335The Dead Jam as it has emerged at Avogadro’s Number is a nice example of controlled near chaos that seems to channel the bohemian spirit of Dead Head culture while still offering a welcoming environment for newcomers to this music and culture. For people who already identify as Dead Heads it may come as a bit of a shock that the grooviness of dreds, pot smoke and elements of 60’s era free love might turn away newcomers to the scene. Set in a respectable but open minded restaurant venue like Avo’s, the grooviness is still present for those who want it, but it is contained enough that everyone at the jam can decide for themselves how much ‘Dead’ culture they wish to embrace.

195Dead Jams happen at Avogadro’s Number every other Monday night starting at about 10pm, with a house band playing a short set to kick off the night and to play a second short set midway through the jam. Players who have their own guitars and basses, and hand percussion or other small instruments are welcome to bring their instruments along, and a keyboard and drums are provided and there are guitars and basses already at the jam as well, if their owners can be persuaded to loan them for a song or two. The next Dead Jam will be November 11th.

From here is a list of songs that make up the Grateful Dead repertoire. Links lead back to pages.

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