In Brief: Chain Station and Coral Creek

Chain Station and Chris Thompson & Coral Creek at Avogadro’s Number, November 2, 2013

159Bluegrass doesn’t just happen on Wednesdays at Avogadro’s Number, and this was one of the very good bluegrass shows that turned up at Avo’s, but not on the Wednesday bluegrass night. The student discount might have brought in a few new faces because certainly the crowd was not the familiar bluegrass night group. In some ways this was unfortunate, since these bands would have made for a fantastic after-show jam session if more of Avo’s Wednesday night regulars had been there and brought their instruments.

179Still, since both bands played two sets, the music went on until very late. Hardly anyone danced, but the room remained pretty well occupied through to the very last notes of the show. There was no borrowing musicians as guests, by either band, something that often happens at bluegrass shows, but both bands played sets with enough variety to keep the audience happy.

While not my absolute top favorite show of the month, this was a fun night, and both bands would be well worth seeing again next time they are in Fort Collins. I just hope next time they can attract a few dancers- bluegrass players always seem happier when people dance.

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