Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: October 20

Some weekends just seem to conspire against these lists getting posted on time. This weekend my home internet is not working and the customer service number for my provider kept kicking me off during regular business hours yesterday so that I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to get it fixed. And, of course, tonight was the Caravan of Thieves show here in Fort Collins, so I had plenty to distract me tonight as well. Still, it takes a degree of stubbornness to be a professional music blogger. Here’s this week’s 20-song playlist-

The List:

1. The Wayfarers (Fire on the Hillside)- “Fire on the Mountain” – There are several different songs, each fairly well-known within its genre, called “Fire on the Mountain”. My favorite, which was a popular campfire song at my old summer camp, was one that the Marshall Tucker Band recorded. This one, on the other hand, is the song referred to in the “Devil Went Down to Georgia” ballad.

2. Man Man (Rabbit Habits)- “The Ballad of Butter Beans” – A musician friend introduced me to this band’s music (though sadly not to the band). I have only started to delve into their music, but he was right that they are pretty cool.

3. Thea Gilmore (Regardless)- “This is How You Find the Way” 

4. Hannah & Maggie (Muscle & Bone)- “Muscle & Bone” – They sound different, but these ladies remind me a lot of Whippoorwill (Alysia Kraft and Staci Foster).

5. Levi Weaver (The Letters of Dr. Kurt Godel)- “String Theory” 

6. Elephant Revival (Break in the Clouds)- “Asleep With the Light On” – If you have yet to tune in when this band is playing a live-streamed show, you really should ‘like’ them on facebook so you can get their updates, and tune in next time. They are even better live in person, but even with the limitations of watching a concert online, these guys are well worth watching. They played this one the past few times I’ve seen them play live (online and in person), and I always am reminded of those shows when I hear it from the studio album recording.

7. Florence + the Machine (Ceremonials)- “What the Water Gave Me” – A non-musician friend of mine is a huge fan of this band, so I occasionally browse their music for cool tracks for these playlists. I have no idea if she still checks out these posts, but if she does, hopefully she’s happy this week.

8. Cheap Trick (The Essential Cheap Trick)- “I Want You to Want Me- Live” – I’m not a big fan of crowd noise in recordings (something about the jarring noisiness of it in headphones or on small computer speakers) but it always seems to fit this song.

9. Mama Lenny & the Remedy (Punches & Hugs) – “Big Bird” – This lovely band is not actually playing a show in Fort Collins for several months (!!!), but they have new music recorded and will be releasing a new album sometime.

10. Celtic Thunder (Voyage)- “Seven Drunken Nights” – Celtic Thunder will be in Colorado Springs this week, so there are undoubtedly many happy, excited Thunderheads in Colorado right now, planning their outfits and listening to all the Celtic Thunder albums non-stop in preparation for the show. I won’t be in Springs for this one, but it’s getting closer to the end of November, when I will get to see this band again in Loveland.

11. Down Like Silver (Down Like Silver)- “Any Tree” – This band had better release some new tunes on spotify because I’m just about out of songs from them as of this week’s list. But, since the album this song comes from is short, you might easily listen through the whole thing if you haven’t already. These guys are really good.

12. Patti Fiasco (Small Town Lights)- “The Chicken Song” – An audience favorite at live shows, this song was written by the band’s dobro player, Ansel. I have heard disturbing things about lead singer Alysia Kraft moving back to Texas, but nothing yet about the future of Patti Fiasco when/if that happens. Considering that her duo Whippoorwill, with Staci Foster, is one of my absolute favorite new local acts, I would love to hear that this was an unsubstantiated and untrue rumor, but I seriously doubt that will happen.

13. Simon & Garfunkel (The Columbia Studio Recordings 1964-70)- “The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin’ Groovy)” 

14. The Wailin’ Jennys (Bright Morning Stars)- “Mona Louise” – This group is on my shortlist still of artists I want to meet. I know a few musicians who have been acquainted with these ladies, too, so maybe in the next few years…

15. Brian May (Back to the Light)- “Let Your Heart Rule Your Head” – This album always takes me back to the end of my high school years and my first years of college, when I listened to it almost daily.

16. Julie Fowlis (Cuilidh)- “Mo Gruagach Dhonn”

17. Caravan of Thieves (Mischief Nights)- “You Are My Sunshine/ Singing in the Rain” – I just saw these folks tonight live at Avogadro’s Number, and they put on an absolutely fantastic show. Hopefully they will make it back to Fort Collins again in a few months (and preferably not on a football Sunday when the Broncos are playing) so they can draw an audience more appropriate to their music. They are good enough to fill the Aggie or the Mish, if only more people here knew what amazing music they make.

18. Journey (Greatest Hits 1&2)- “Any Way You Want It”

19. Guns N’ Roses (Greatest Hits)– “You Could Be Mine” 

20. Paul Simon (Graceland)– “Crazy Love, Vol II

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