Ross Crean- Leftovers From the Sideshow

Leftovers From the Sideshow - Cover

Ross Crean – Leftovers From the Sideshow  ♥♥♥♥ (4 hearts out of 5)


One of my favorite emerging singer-songwriters happens to have a new album, a 3 song collection of songs that got left out of previous releases. Sometime soon Ross will hopefully be working on his next full-length project, another Celtic album, but this new release ought to keep his fans happy for a little while in the meantime. His songs on Leftovers from the Sideshow, as with much of his other work, draw from the sorts of imaginary worlds that remind me of Pan’s Labyrinth or a Neil Gaiman story. Considering that this fellow also is involved with composing music for horror films, it is no surprise that some of the theatrical element rubs off in his solo projects. If you’ve seen my previous posts on this artist’s music, but have yet to check him out, here’s the perfect opportunity, 3 songs, a short time-investment, that are a decent representation of some of what Ross Crean has been doing musically over the past few years.

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