Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: Oct 12

Many of the albums on the list this week are either anthologies or easily find-able mainstream albums, so I have not added as many links this week. Since this week’s list is so overwhelmingly non-local, there will of course be a backlash in the form of a predominantly local list in the near future, which will have all the usual band and album links. What do you think of these lists? Do you have a favorite playlist so far? Have you discovered a great artist or band on one of these lists that you hadn’t heard before? What new artists have you discovered lately that are not on these lists yet?

The List:

1. The Littlest Birds (Migrations)- “Boys ’em Buzzards Flyin'” – This duo played a fantastic show in Fort Collins a week ago, including this cool song.

2. Caravan of Thieves (The Funhouse)- “Raise the Dead” – This band will be playing a show in Fort Collins this month, at Avogadro’s Number, a show I highly recommend.

3. Jim Mills (Bluegrass Mountain Music)- “Black Mountain Blues” 

4. Sting (25 Years)- “Moon Over Bourbon Street” 

5. The Del Vikings (101 Rock & Roll Classics)- “Come Go With Me” 

6. Branden Sipes (That Side of Me)- “That Side of Me” 

7. Distant Oaks (Against the Tide)- “Theid M’in Ceann Loch Aluinn, Tha Fionnlagh Ag Innearadh” – I had to throw in some bagpipes this week. One of the ‘floats’ in the CSU Homecoming Parade this year was playing a song with bagpipes in it, from speakers rather than real bagpipes, and there were almost no floats in the whole parade, mostly just people walking the route with hastily-drawn paper signs and makeshift costumes, or people driving barely decorated cars and trucks with some sort of sign attached to the hood, unfortunately. Real bagpipes would have been a huge improvement, but in lieu of real pipers in our parades, here at least is some good piping for the week.

8. Bill Monroe (All the Classic Releases 1937-1949)- “Rollin’ On” 

9. Don McLean (The Best of Don McLean) – “Mountains of Mourne” – I like this one and Celtic Thunder’s version (sung by Keith Harkin) equally well, I think.

10. Celtic Thunder (The Show)- “Recuerdame” – Speaking of Celtic Thunder, here’s another early song from them, sung by Paul Byrom, who has since moved on to focus on his solo career. Thunderheads in and near Colorado should be getting pre-show jitters if they are anywhere near Colorado Springs, because Celtic Thunder will be playing there in 11 days. They won’t be in Loveland till the end of November, so I have a bit of a wait still, but in my absence I hope they have a fantastic, sold out show when they get to our state in a week & a half. It will be a weeekday show, which usually makes it a bit tougher to fill seats, but since this band will not be playing a show in Denver this year, Colo. Springs and Loveland will absorb the fans from Denver this year, hopefully improving turnout immensely. 

11. Cher (Chronicles)- “Love Hurts” – Isn’t this a cool version of this song?

12. Jennifer Thyssen (Dusk is Drawn)- “All the Pretty Little Horses”

13. Ella Fitzgerald (Ella Fitzgerald Anthology, Vol. 1)- “Mr. Paganini” – There are several different variations on this song among the many Ella Fitzgerald recordings, and this is not my absolute favorite, but it is very similar to one of my favorites.

14. Fox and the Bird (Floating Feather)- “Traveling Bones” 

15. Elvis Presley (Frankie & Johnny)- “Frankie & Johnny”

16. The Infamous Stringdusters (The Infamous Stringdusters)- “When Silence is the Only Sound” – I have a few friends this song reminds me of, now that I spend my evenings in bars photographing music shows.

17. The Wailin’ Jennys (Live at the Mauch Chunk Opera House)- “Motherless Child” – This is one of the more popular songs from this band.

18. Toto (Love Songs)- “Spanish Steps”

19. Kenny Chesney (Lucky Old Sun)– “Down the Road” – With all the dumbing-down and hyping up that apparently have eroded the Country music genre over the past few years (according to an article floating around social media now), I added a couple different songs by Country artists and artists/bands in related genres this week, all of them songs with no trucks and no drunken orgiastic hedonism. The cheap, cookie-cutter Country that seems perhaps to have been pushing good music away from the mainstream is thankfully not too common in Fort Collins, and we have quite a solid array of great local Country/Americana/Bluegrass in just about any flavor. Hopefully some of the good stuff from towns like Fort Collins, and some of those great emerging artists I’ve met from the Nashville area will be able to filter into the Country mainstream soon so the rest of the country can enjoy a wider variety of great songs in this genre.

20. Rascal Flatts (Me & My Gang)– “Stand“-  Another great personal anthem song (more Pop-Country than Country, but by a band widely accepted as Modern Country). Putting this song’s message into practice can be a bit challenging some days, since it leaves no room for excuses and giving up, but that’s also why it works. Those excuses don’t do any good when it comes to getting past tough times, and giving up is just as ineffective a strategy, of course, so I always like having songs like this one around that remind me to get back on my own two feet.

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