Weekly 20 Song Playlist: Oct 5

This week’s list is a bit different, because I spend so much time around bands and artists who like performing covers of certain songs, and I always halfway know some part that no one else is singing, but only halfway. That, or I get the song stuck in my head after the gig and know just enough words to have a chorus and a few lines of a random verse on endless repeat until the next gig. So, since these lists started out as a tool for my own amusement anyway, this week features a smaller array of artists, and all of these songs are pretty well known, except one of the Paul Simon songs. I won’t go one about which albums these songs come from on spotify because they are on a lot of different compilations and albums, and most have also been covered nicely by a lot of different artists. With my luck, as soon as I know the voice parts to these songs, no one around here will sing them in my presence ever again, but at my age I’m getting pretty used to such disappointments. At least I’ll be able to sing along to the originals on my playlists, even if I never sing them with anyone in public.

And, for those who know me better, yes I do already know “Bohemian Rhapsody”, but I had to include one song I know to make myself feel better about how poorly I know the rest. I have great respect for my singer friends who can sing so many different songs all in one night without forgetting the verses (sometimes they do mess up, but relatively rarely) or accidentally landing themselves in someone else’s harmony line. So, here’s the list, and maybe by next month I can at least say I know all the lyrics (even the cool Spanish bit in the 4th section of “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”), even if that’s the extent of my progress.

The List

1. Crosby, Still, Nash & Young – “Our House”

2. Crosby, Still & Nash – “Southern Cross”

3. Crosby, Still & Nash – “Suite: Judy Blue Eyes”

4. Crosby, Still & Nash – “Hopelessly Hoping”

5. Crosby, Still & Nash – “Wasted on the Way”

6. Crosby, Still, Nash & Young – “Teach Your Children” – These first 6 songs are all the ‘fault’ of a certain couple friends who practice these songs at a weekly jam session I hang out at occasionally, though I’ve heard some of them covered by other artists as well this past month. The friends in question sing together as a duo during these sessions, but the songs they sing have a 3rd part I half-know, so that I can almost join in, but not quite. Having spent so long observing and photographing music, but never participating, the notion that I could join in and have something to offer is very tantalizing, especially at an informal jam session where there is no scary microphone involved.

7. The Turtles – “Happy Together”

8. The Turtles – “It Ain’t Me Babe”

9. Paul Simon – “Flowers Never Bend With the Rainfall”

10. Paul Simon – “Me and Julio Down by the Schoolyard” – A different friend likes to cover this song, and sang this one while he was busking downtown a few weeks ago while I was around. 

11. The Byrds – “Mr. Tambourine Man”

12. The Byrds – “(To Everything There Is a Season) Turn, Turn, Turn”

13. Arlo Guthrie – “St. James Infirmary”

14. Stevie Wonder – “I Just Called to Say I Love You”

15. Dusty Springfield – “Take Another Little Piece of my Heart”

16. Aretha Franklin – “What a Difference a Day Makes”

17. Queen – “Bohemian Rhapsody”

18. The Eagles – “Take it Easy” – I walked past an artist covering this one on a street corner a few nights ago, and I actually did remember most of it as I walked the rest of the way to the venue I was headed towards. Still, there are a few lines in the verses that always throw me off.

19. The Eagles – “Desperado”

20. The Eagles – “Hotel California”

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