Rich With Friends- new self-titled EP (Album of the Day)



RWF album

Rich With Friends – debut self-titled EP  ♥♥♥♥♥ (5 hearts out of 5)


I have been looking forward to this one for months, ever since this band told me they were working on making a new album. Rich With Friends is one of the bands in town that I forget I have only known since February. It seems as if I have known them for so much longer, and I can’t imagine a time before I knew their music. (Ok, maybe that last is somewhat exaggerated, but these guys are really good.) If you like Nickle Creek or Elephant Revival, you might really enjoy Rich With Friends.

Their new album includes many of the great original songs that fans can be heard singing along to at their shows, including “Hard Times” and “Take My Time”, both songs I get stuck in my head after catching bits of Rich With Friends live shows. My absolute favorite off this album though is the last track, “Summer of No Consequence”, a song written and by the band’s electric guitarist Brian Kittrell, and which recalls the surreal months just last year when we lived under the cloud of smoke from a massive forest fire that skirted the western edge of Fort Collins.

I also really like the bass solo intro to “Mountainside”, which showcases Rich With Friends’ fantastic bassist Kenny Jones (the only member of the band whose name is not mentioned on the CD’s liner-notes, incidentally). Kenny finished his music degree this past school year, so he is now truly a master bassist, and his band is always happy to show off his masterful talents on stage. The other two band members, Emily and Rich, write a lot of the band’s songs and handle most of the lead vocals and acoustic guitar, hand drums (Rich) and mandolin (Emily).

And, one of my favorite details about this band, all four of these lovely folks sing, so they can do some fantastic harmonization together. Some of their cool closer harmonies can be heard in “Hard Times” on the new album. For now, sadly, the best place to get a Rich With Friends album is still just at their live shows, but watch this space, or better yet, ‘like’ them on facebook and watch for information on where else you might obtain this album in the near future.

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