The Hollyfelds- Title Stealers (Album of the Day)


The Hollyfelds – Title Stealers  ♥♥♥♥ (4 hearts out of 5)

Looking for a great new album for your Country collection? I had the pleasure of seeing Denver country band, the Hollyfelds, again this past month at our local Fortoberfest festival. The Hollyfelds play a more classic vein of Country music, songs that could be played on Country radio stations 30 years ago and fit right in. At the same time, their sexy harmonies and well-crafted songs result in music that could survive in the Modern Country world as well.

Their latest album, Title Stealers, features lots of sad songs and songs about love gone wrong and tough country women who survive. There are a few happy songs- “Your Loving Girl” is one about a lasting committed love, and “Mama Got a DUI” is a funny song, and “32nd Street” is more about how love turns up at crazy times and places, rather than about love going wrong, though it doesn’t seem optimistic about love lasting very long. For the most part though, this is an album along the same lines as much of Rachel Brooke’s music- sad songs and tragic songs and darker songs, the good stuff of classic Country music.

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