Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: September 29

Have you had a chance to listen to this playlist yet? This week’s list includes a few more mainstream songs than usual, along with the usual random assortment of local music, regional music and classics.

The List:

1. Darrell Coyle (All I Need EP)- “Say You Want This” – First on this week’s list is a track of Darrell Coyle’s excellent new 5-track EP. This whole album is just as great as his last one, so if you like this song and/or his last EP (My My My), this may be an album you need to acquire for your music collection.

2. Mary Byrne (Mine & Yours)- “Always on My Mind” – Every once in a while the various talent scout shows on TV scare up a surprise. One of these was Mary Byrne, who turned up as a 50 year old supermarket clerk who thought she could sing, and to the perhaps unpleasant surprise of the X-Factor team, it turned out she really can sing, very well, even though she certainly does not look like the pretty 20-something novice stars I’m sure X-Factor prefers. This song is off of her first album, but she also has a new album out this year called “…With Love”. 

3. Tina Turner (All the Best – The Hits)- “On Silent Wings” – Here’s a great Tina Turner song I never heard on the radio or anywhere else, but came across via spotify. I have a few friends right now going through the tough process of restarting their lives following divorce, and they all seem to be at a point where they can’t quite believe it is really over, even while they also know it really is. (And maybe it isn’t; there are marriages that end only to result in remarriage, and some of them are even happy.) I tend to focus on songs that I can relate to as a single woman, but it’s good to remind oneself when friends are going through this tough experience, how hard it is when two people who built a life together have to start over apart.

4. Celtic Thunder (Celtic Thunder The Show)- “The Island” – Celtic Thunder has moved on to their new show, and apparently a new style of fan relations based more squarely on profit-seeking rather than community-building. Many fans are still very uncertain as to how they feel about this long-cherished band, now that the rules have been flatly stated about autographs and interactions with the artists on the upcoming Celtic Thunder cruise and at the buses after every show on the current tour. Still, the lads are the same people, and whether Thunderheads are still fans of Celtic Thunder by the end of this tour, I’m sure we’re all still fans of the individual artists involved in this perhaps declining band. Here’s a song from the very first Celtic Thunder album, a cover sung by Keith Harkin, who has been hard at work on his second solo album.

5. Billy Joel (The Essential Billy Joel)- “Lullaby (Goodnight, My Angel)” – This song is also well known to Thunderheads, actually, as a song covered on former Celtic Thunder singer Paul Byrom’s solo album This is the Moment.

6. Devotchka (100 Lovers)- “Contrabanda” -Devotchka is, I’m guessing, one of those local bands who could be considered a ‘big deal’ relative to the rest, though they are still local. I haven’t actually seen them live yet, and to my knowledge I haven’t met any of the band members, but I know I’ve met people who play with them, at least. In any case, some of the sections of this song remind me of some of my favorite bits that turn up at funk jams here occasionally, so this song caught my ear this week.

7. Kingston Trio (101 Rock & Roll Hits)- “Tom Dooley” 

8. Electric Light Orchestra (Afterglow)- “Hold on Tight” – This one is for me, another encouraging anthem to buoy my spirits while money gets tighter and I am stubbornly insisting on still being a music blogger, and trying to cover expenses by way of tutoring and paper editing.

9. Bryan Adams (The Best of Me) – “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You” – It may be a side-effect of loving someone strongly and losing them, something it took me forever to get over anyway, even though I am actually not emotionally attached to that actual person any more. I realized, though, while talking with someone this past week that I really don’t have anyone I really love intensely, at least not anyone I know well enough to be sure I am not loving a mirage. I wonder how many people in our society are also in this same well-protected state, unwilling to risk loving anyone.

10. Cher (Chronicles)- “Does Anybody Really Fall in Love Anymore” – And, at the same time, I wonder how much of what people perceive as deep love is really what it seems. It is so easy to imagine that we know the people we love, when we may simply see what we want to see, a situation one of my recently divorced friends finds herself in now. Things were just so much easier when we were teenagers and could believe grown-up life could just be nice and straightforward.

11. Norah Jones (Come Away With Me)- “I’ve Got to See You Again” 

12. Elephant Revival (Elephant Revival)- “Sing to the Mountain” – One of my favorite bands, Rich With Friends, just released their debut album, and while it is not on spotify, they do a great cover of this lovely Elephant Revival song. And, when I saw Elephant Revival live, two of the musicians from Rich With Friends were at that show with me. So, this one is for them.

13. Celine Dion (The Essential Celine Dion)- “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now” 

14. Cheap Trick (The Essential Cheap Trick)- “If You Want Me Love” – Despite all the pessimism, of course, and the possibility always lurking that the next man I love will be just a mirage, a lovely fantasy I create in my mind with no bearing on the real man, I am sure I’ll fall again, just as so many other have. Life is just too lonely without someone to love. It’s a crazy game (or trap, I suppose) but when I meet that next love, that one man worth risking loving, it will again (at the time at least) seem very decidedly worth the risk.

15. KT Tunstall (Eye to the Telescope)- “Universe & U” – In addition to this song being in the romantic theme I seem to have been stuck on this week, KT Tunstall will be playing a show in the area, in Boulder, in a week. She’ll be playing in Boulder at the Boulder Theater on October 7th, an all ages show ($20, 8pm, doors open at 7). Another fun random fact, according to google, is that KT is only 5’2″ tall. As a short person, I like her so much more now! 🙂

16. Tim McGraw (Greatest Hits,Vol. 2)- “Live Like You Were Dying” – A tough song to put into practice- part of living like you are dying is assuming that long-term consequences don’t matter, and letting go of long-range planning, and some of what I would do if I were dying may lead to a more unpleasant life a year down the road. Still, I like the idea.

17. Queen (Jazz)- “Dreamer’s Ball” 

18. Lita Ford (Lita)- “Kiss Me Deadly”

19. Mario Frangoulis, Steve Balsamo (Mario & Friends 2 … It Makes the World Go Around)– “Gethsemane” – I had another rendition of this song on an earlier songlist, but for all that I am still a solid atheist, I still love this song. As a Christian I never really thought about the story of the crucifixion much from the perspective of the man Jesus, and all the very human feelings and thoughts that man must have had in the course of that story. The notion of basing a religion around suffering and death bugs me, but this tragic, dramatic story is still a memorable one.

20. Post Paradise (The New Normal)– “Falling Apart“- This wasn’t much of a local list, but since this song somewhat captured how I felt while I was selecting songs this week, I had to end the list with a truly local song. This is one of the local bands I always forget is not nationally known with lots of mainstream radio airplay, because to my ear they sound like that calibre of band. So, now seems like a great time for mainstream radio stations everywhere to start playing these guys’ songs. By the time they release album #3 they should be a familiar and popular band for people all over the planet.

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