Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: September 22

This week’s songlist is a day late thanks to Fortoberfest, a 2-day music event that kept me quite busy taking photos and absorbing live music all evening Friday and all day Saturday. One of the artists on this week’s list is one from that event, too. As I have been doing again lately, the band names are linked to a band page (official webpage or facebook page usually) so you can check out the artists in more detail, and the album names are linked to sites where you can buy the album if you so desire (amazon, CD Baby, bandcamp, or itunes usually). And, as you might have noticed, the track order for this list is alphabetical by album title this week, though at the moment the track order on the spotify playlist may be different. If you click on the column heading for the albums on the spotify dashboard (not the little embedded player), it will sort the playlist by album name (A-Z); click again on that column heading to reverse that order (Z-A), and if you click a third time it unsorts the playlist and it reverts to its ‘natural’ order.

The List:

1. Meat Loaf (Bat Out of Hell II: Back From Hell)- “Life Is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back” – This may be the anthem of my generation and those younger than me, so long as student debt, a limping economy and the shrinking real value of the dollar keep most of us struggling to keep up, let alone improve on our parents’ situation. (Granted, I live a great life as a music blogger, but as of yet I earn no money doing what I love, and almost no money doing the tutoring that supposedly pays my bills. Life would be a lot more fun as a music blogger if I could afford appetizers or a drink at the bars and restaurants where I cover live music every night.)

2. Grey DeLisle (Bluegrass Ballads)- “Sweet Little Bluebird” – My cat HATES this song, because of the dissonant prisoners’ singing bit that comes in partway through the song. I think it is pretty cool, but I have taken to turning the volume down when the cat is in the room, for his sake.

3. Chris Pureka (Chimera- EP)- “Wagon Wheel” – If you spend much time enjoying live music, you probably have heard this song at least once. It is one of those standards musicians are asked to play at most gigs, and one that many people in most audiences pay attention to, if only because it is so familiar. My favorite rendition so far was actually a heavy metal cover, but this more traditional cover is nice too.

4. Varlet (The Drifter)- “Drifter” – Varlet was one of the bands on the main stage for Fortoberfest this year, and gave us a great show.  Lilly Scott, the lead singer for this band, has a very cool voice- no there didn’t seem to be any need for fancy electronics in their live show, she really does sound like she does in their studio recordings. They reminded me very much of He’s My Brother She’s My Sister, an excellent California band we had here for Tour de Fat, only I think I like Varlet just slightly more. Their new album American Hymns will be out soon; the release party is set for September 27th, at the Hi-Dive in Denver.

5. The Farewell Drifters (Echo Boom)- “A Bed of My Own” 

6. They Might Be Giants (Flood)- “Istanbul” –

7. Belle & Sebastian (Fold Your Hands Child You Walk Like a Peasant)- “Women’s Realm” – This would be a great song to analyze and discuss in gender studies classes. It covers a lot of ground for one song, at least. Belle & Sebastian, by the way, is another of the bands referenced in the John Cusack film High Fidelity.

8. Caravan of Thieves (The Funhouse)- “Live Forever” 

9. Guns N’ Roses (Greatest Hits) – “Welcome to the Jungle”

10. Styx (Greatest Hits)- “Suite Madame Blue” 

11. Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy (Hatchetations)- “A Panegyric on Power and Darkness” – Here’s a great high-energy tune from the brand new Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy album. This album came out since they last played here, but they performed quite a few of the songs from it at their last show here in July, and if they seem high-energy in-studio, they are even moreso live. As I mention every other time I talk about them on my blog, if you get a chance to see this band live, you really need to check out this band in person. Their recordings can only ever be a pale shadow of these guys as they really look and sound.

12. Poe (Haunted)- “Walk the Walk”

13. After Midnight (Hit That Jive, Jack)- “Zapala” – I haven’t seen this band for a while, but I’m guessing that as a jazz band they play a lot more private events and weddings than some of the other bands I know.

14. Ryan Kelly (In Time)- “Heaven Bound” – Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne have a new album coming out in just a week, an event towards which most Thunderheads are counting down the hours now. As much as I enjoy Celtic Thunder, I tend to listen to these lads’ solo albums more, so I’m pretty excited about this new album (which comes out the same day as Winchester Holiday’s album). Celtic Thunder caters to families, creating family-friendly shows with a minimum of adult themes and very clean-cut traditional stylings, while the solo projects these guys do allow them to connect more with their own generation. Ryan and Neil, on their own, are free to be the normal fellows you might run into at some local pub, guys who like a good beer and might actually check out attractive women.

15. Rhydian (O Fortuna)- “Benedictus”

16. Stevie Wonder (Songs in the Key of Life)- “Sir Duke”

17. Cary Morin (Streamline)- “To Love Somebody” – Cary Morin won the state International Blues Challenge (IBC) competition for his division (solo/duo) today, so he’ll be going on to Memphis to represent Colorado, along with another of my favorites, Bad Brad & the Fat Cats, who won for the band division. It’s nice to think some of my favorite local musicians will be representing our state at the national-level competition.

18. Nathan Maxwell & the Original Bunny Gang (White Rabbit)- “Salt and Sand”

19. Bad Weather California (Young Punks)– “Good Things Will Happen” – These guys, a rather popular Denver band, played at our New West Fest event last year, but I haven’t included them on my playlists as much as their regional popularity would seem to warrant. I liked this song for its title, a sentiment that is particularly wanted lately.

20. Josh Turner (Your Man)– “Your Man“-  Where Axl Rose was grungily, dirtily sexy in “Welcome to the Jungle”, Josh Turner is the seductive gentleman in this song, but both are very sexy songs. It’s just too bad Josh is a happily married man, though now that he’s recorded this song, maybe it has helped other men to learn how to come across as similarly gentlemanly and attractive.

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