Wolf van Elfmand- The Death of (Album of the Day)

Wolf van Elfmand

Wold van Elfmand – The Death Of  ♥♥♥♥♥ (5 hearts out of 5)

Local singer-songwriter Wolf van Elfmand is becoming well known as one of the members of the hot new band Von Stomper,  but he is also still hard at work as a solo artist. He plays solo sets frequently at the monthly Black Mountain Ramble music showcases (Wild Boar Coffee, 7pm on the first Thursday of each month). His solo studio sound is dramatically different from his live shows, though- quieter, less danceable, and more soulful and timeless- compared to his much more high-energy live performances.

Wolf van Elfmand New AlbumHis new album The Death of sounds as if it could as easily have been recorded by songwriters from any era since recorded music began. The first track, “Train, Train”, features in Von Stomper’s shows as well, but as a high-spirited, fast, loud whirlwind that always gets folks up to dance. Wolf’s treatment of it for this new album is much lighter, drawing emphasis more towards the lyrics, a detail that often is lost at Von Stomper’s live shows.

I am writing this on a ‘first listen’ so only time will tell which songs will be my favorites a week from now. This time ’round my favorite is “Magic to the Lonely”, which sounds almost like Wolf is channeling Elvis Presley. The track directly after that one, “West St. Shuffle” is a near second, an instrumental that highlights this fellow’s talents with his guitar. The whole album, though, has a great updated old-timey feel to it, with lots to love. Check out this brand new album for yourself on Wolf’s bandcamp page.

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