Direct Current and Róisín O

The new Ravenmount- Celtic Corner Video of the Day (theoretically a new one EVERY day, realistically a new one MOST days) is from Róisín O, a pop/adult contemporary/light rock/’whatever you like to call the stuff singer-songwriters tend to perform’ musician out of Dublin. (And no, I have not yet decided what to call this nebulous non-genre genre of music that is not exactly pop, rock, country, or folk, but just ‘music’.)

And, in the process of gathering the links and basic information on Róisín O for my Celtic Corner post, I also came across a cool blog which has been added to the blogroll on this site. Direct Current, is a lot like what I imagine Ravenmount could and should be after a lot more time and effort. Ravenmount has a bit more of a folk tendency than Direct Current, and I also stray into writing about heavy metal and occasional hip-hop if I have friends performing in those genres, or if I get bored, or happen to wind up at shows that are NMG (not my genre). Other than that, there’s probably quite a lot of great music on Direct Current that could happily live on Ravenmount, and vice versa.

About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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