Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: September 14

Wow. So, since last week we’ve seen a major flurry of fan-mismanagement in Celtic Thunder. And putting the Celtic Thunder drama in healthy perspective, thanks to a rain that started Monday and lasted off and on all week, a major flood has swept away bridges and overwhelmed highways all along the Colorado Front Range. It is still raining, and the floodwaters that passed through the cities of the Front Range have now converged on the South Platte River, causing even more serious flooding. As our normally dry region goes through an identity crisis that makes our droughts look quite nice by comparison, here are 20 songs that are pointedly not rain-themed.

The List:

1. Cam Penner (Trouble & Mercy) – “All of Yesterday” – This guy’s songs somewhat remind me of some of the music my local music friends perform when they do solo shows. It’s a bit of a rambler’s tune, which fits with some of the music communities in this part of Colorado, and sounds like a song someone might write while on tour.

2. Portland Cello Project (The Thao & Justin Powers Session)- “Turkish Wine” – And now for something different, an instrumental piece from a cool cello group in Oregon.

3. Chris Pureka (Chimera- EP)- “California” – I must be feeling like taking off for some sort of tour myself, cause I wound up with several songs this week that would be on my playlist for the trip, if only I could a) afford such an adventure, and b) drive. It’s a bit tough to just pick up and leave a place without a car and driver’s license, and the cat would need someone to take him while I was away, and… I doubt I’m going anywhere, but at least I can daydream and listen to the music I’d have along for the drive.

4. Kate Earl (Stronger)- “Raven” – It’s a cool song, not particularly memorable or timeless, but catchy enough, and it has part of my blogging name as its title.

5. Toubab Krewe (TK2)- “Konkoba” – More of ‘something different, this time a bit of African drumming.

6. Pale Blue Jak (Faces)- “Mr. Ace” – We’ve heard about a new Neil Byrne & Ryan Kelly album, and a new Ryan Kelly solo album, and a new Keith Harkin album, all in various stages of doneness (the duo album comes out Oct. 1st, and is in pre-release now.) One of the other projects the Celtic Thunder singers talked about over the summer was the next Pale Blue Jak album (Pale Blue Jak is Neil Byrne, but a solo + friends pop project). He hasn’t talked about it since the tour started, but he was in the studio recording stuff towards his next PBJ album, so it is coming sometime. This song meanwhile is from his first PBJ album, and the most recent he made an official video for.

7. Iarla Ó Lionáird (I Could Read the Sky)- “The Old Road to Garry” – This song is off of an album that is actually the soundtrack to a movie of the same name as the album.

8. Paper Bird (Carry On)- “Imbira” – These guys played at Red Rocks Amphitheater this weekend, a bit of amazing folk music to distract their audience from all the terrible destruction and disruption this week’s storms caused.

9. Patti Fiasco (Small Town Lights) – “Elvis”- The first song I added to this week’s playlist, which I started building last Sunday, this one wound up a bit further down the list by the end of the week. I tend towards instrumentals when big worrisome natural disasters are going on, apparently (I did the same last year during the big fire, too) but now that the rain is starting to move on… I added an Elvis song to the playlist too, this week, as it seemed appropriate. I found myself singing bits of this song at my cat last weekend, but I haven’t memorized it well enough to sing the whole thing without getting stuck, so it had to make it onto a playlist where I am more likely to play it a lot.

10. Rising Appalachia (Scale Down)- “Whiskey Blues” 

11. Greensky Bluegrass (Less Than Supper)- “Stop That Train/ Salt Creek” 

12. The Wood Brothers (Smoke Ring Halo)- “Stumbled In”

13. Elvis Presley (Elvis Gospel 1957-1971: Known Only to Him)- “Swing Down Sweet Chariot” 

14. Fierce Bad Rabbit (The Maestro and the Elephant)- “When All You Got Is Worry… Let Go” 

15. Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy (Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy)- “Mama’s Little Baby”- I tried something new this week and posted videos in conjunction with this list on my pinterest music board “Ravenmount Music“, and of course I eventually got snagged by the music. So, what started out as just quickly finding and posting each video turned into a mini-marathon of actually watching many of the Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy videos on youtube, totally distracting me from finishing this post on time. These guys are just so addictive.

16. Rachel Brooke (Down in the Barnyard)- “The Legend of Morrow Road”

17. He’s My Brother She’s My Sister (Nobody Dances in This Town)- “Touch the Lightning”

18. Matthew Santos (Quickly Disappearing)- “Shallow Grave”- I ended up with quite a cluster towards the end of this week’s list of songs by amazing artists I actually have had the privilege to meet since I started blogging. I wish Places was in this category too by now, but they don’t play in Fort Collins very often, and when I see them I am always rushing off somewhere long before their set is over. Matthew Santos was here at Avogadro’s Number a few months ago on tour, and was quite fun to watch with all his looping and fancy tricks to make his solo shows sound as rich and complex as his studio recordings.

19. Places (Where We Are Right Now)– “Believe” 

20. Thea Gilmore (Regardless)– “Something to Sing About“-  Yep, I had to include one song off Thea Gilmore’s brand new album this week, seeing as I wrote a post about the album this week. Have you checked out her new album yet?

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