Petals of Spain – Album of the Day

Petals of Spain – self-titled album  ♥♥♥♥♥ (5 hearts out of 5)

I’ve posted about these lads already a few times, but not yet about their brand new self-titled album. Earlier this year this band released an EP which has some of the same songs on it as their new album, but the full-length album is so much more. First of all, as I mentioned before, this band has a noticeable Queen influence, something I’ve already mentioned makes me very happy. I was too young when Queen was starting out to know about them, and my dad (who introduced me to most of the music I knew as a kid) was sadly not a Queen fan. So, without pigeonholing Petals of Spain as ‘just’ a new Queen, I am nonetheless thrilled to have a band nearby that can sound like Queen while playing all original music. This is NOT a Queen cover band.

PetalsOfSpain albumThat said, their new album reminds me of Queen not just in the diversity of this band’s songs, or the fact that some of their songs sound like they could belong on various Queen albums (a huge compliment coming from me, by any estimate)- the very structure of their album resembles the albums Queen released in back in the 70’s. My favorite songs on this album change from day to day, because they are all good, and different enough that there’s practically a song for every mood or occasion on this album somewhere. Enough about Queen- Petals of Spain is its own creature and from what I have seen and heard so far I am quite certain that if this band survives the hurdles of being a local rock band in Denver, they will be an amazing rock band well worth following for years to come. Check out their album on bandcamp and see for yourself- these guys are one fantastic band.

406I actually put off writing more about them for a while to be sure my enthusiasm was genuine and lasting enough to justify such glowing praise. I had the pleasure of meeting their manager and a few of their musicians who played at the show in Fort Collins recently, and was a bit concerned that I was confusing my liking the people I met with actually liking the music. But yeah, they really are THAT good. I only wish they were a Fort Collins band so I could see them play live more frequently.

And one more… 🙂

Are you a fan yet? Yes? Don’t forget to like them on facebook, subscribe to their youtube page, and follow them on spotify. Their next show will be on October 5th for Denver’s Oktoberfest event, so if you are in Denver that day, check them out live in Denver.

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4 Responses to Petals of Spain – Album of the Day

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  3. Awesome! Thank you so much Jamie!

  4. musikleigh says:

    Wow these guys sound great, thanks for highlighting them! I might just have to cover their October 5th show.

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