New West Fest 2013 in Photos

Boasting time…. 🙂 

Bad Brad NWF

Brad Stivers of Bad Brad & the Fat Cats at NWF 2013

Last month Fort Collins had its big annual outdoor music festival, New West Fest, and I of course was there taking photos and appreciating all the amazing musicians and music. While the ‘real’ photographers with great cameras were focused on taking great shots of just a few shows apiece, I decided to see if I could get photos of all, or at least almost all the bands performing on all the stages at this festival. The first night there was only one stage, and only 4 bands played that night on that stage. The second and third days of the festival, however, featured 6 music stages and a dance stage, with performances running on all these stages all day.

Amy of Post Paradise at NWF

Amy of Post Paradise at NWF

I was on foot walking from stage to stage literally all day both days to catch some portion of each show, making for an exhausting weekend, and since I still only have my trusty pink point & shoot digital camera, I can safely say that there are better photos in other photographers’ collections of each of the bands I saw. But I can also say with some confidence that almost no other photographer that weekend caught as many of the bands as I did.

Finnders & Youngberg at NWF 2013

Finnders & Youngberg at NWF 2013

On Saturday (day 2) I caught all the bands on all the stages except the Kids’ Music Adventure Stage and the headliner (which I logistically could not have caught without missing several other acts). On Sunday I caught all but one of the bands on the adult stages, plus one of the bands on the kids’ stage (thus, since there were only 4 different bands on the kids’ stage, I only missed 3 bands by not focusing on that stage). I missed one band Friday night, as well, so total, out of 76 bands I have photos of all but 6. I also caught several of the acts on the dance stage, which had quite a few acts, but the printed schedule did not list them so I don’t know what proportion of these acts I missed.

Below are links to my collection of New West Fest photos from Saturday and Sunday, August 17 & 18. The links to the photos from Friday have already been posted to this blog earlier this month.

New West Fest Day 2 (1/4)

The first 181 pics from Saturday August 17th, the second day of New West Fest
2013 – Southbound Honey, Jaden Carlson Band, Britton Deuel, Dixie Leadfoot & the Chrome Struts, Mono Verde, the Austin Young Band, Shaley Scott, Rich With Friends, Prime Element, Snake Rattle Rattle Snake

New West Fest Day 2 (2/4)

187 more pics from day 2 of New West Fest, August 17, 2013 – Maxwell Hughes, The Haunted Windchimes, Bad Brad & The Fat Cats, John William Davis with Rebecca Jones, The DeadwoodSaintsRachel and the Kings, El Toro de la Muerte, Esme Patterson

New West Fest Day 2 (3/4)

186 more pics from day 2 of New West Fest, August 17, 2013 – Matt Skinner, Grant Farm, Juno What?!, Post ParadiseRosewood Divine,Mama Lenny and The Remedy

New West Fest Day 2 (4/4)

The last set of photos from day 2 of New West Fest, August 17, 2013 –You Me and Apollo, Sofie Reed, the Patti Fiasco, My Body Sings Electric, I’m With Her, the Lionel Young Band, Born in the Flood (no up-close shots unfortunately), Air Dubai, Christopher Jak, Head for the Hills, The Epilogues

New West Fest Day 3 (1/3)

The first 212 pics from day 3 of New West Fest, August 18, 2013 – Shannon Fitzsimmons, Swing Je T’Aime, Tyree Morris & the Hearts of Worship, Ambassador Wolf, Johnny Johnston & the Po’ Boys, Jon Wirtz’s Nuskool, Dan Treanor’s Afrosippi Band with Erica Brown, Ten Pound Elephant, Adam Bodine Trio, Jon Chandler, Escape Goats, The Que Pastas, The Yawpers

New West Fest Day 3 (2/3)

186 more photos from Day 3 of New West Fest, August 18, 2013 – Izcalli, Jennifer Lane, The Jekylls, Cassie Taylor, Manabi Salsa Band, Endless Monster

New West Fest Day 3 (3/3)

The last chunk of photos from Day 3 of New West Fest, August 18, 2013 – Carlton Pride & Mighty Zion, Chris Daniels & the Better Days Band, Eef and the Blues Express, Rebecca Folsom with John Magnie & Chris Malley, Otis Taylor Band, Wire Faces, Cary Morin, Finnders and Youngberg, Leon Russell, Signal Path, Wendy Woo & Robin Hoch, The Holler!
Ambassador Wolf at NWF 2013

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