Darrell Coyle – All I Need (Album of the Day)

I’ve been looking forward to hearing Darrell Coyle’s new EP ever since he first started talking about making a new one, but as a pretty-much broke blogger I have absolutely no music-buying budget right now. But, today only, this new EP, still in pre-release on itunes, is available on soundcloud to stream for free. Needless to say, this really made my day. Not only can I write a review on it now, but I get to enjoy great new music today while I fuss with figuring out new ways to attract tutoring clients (a task which would be rather frustrating otherwise).

Several of the tracks on Darrell’s new EP have been available on youtube and soundcloud for months in earlier demo states, including Ghost, Say You Want This, and my favorite Darrell Coyle song “The Love Song”, which (in addition to his youtube demos) he performed as part of his set back in December for the Walled City Records showcase concert that was streamed live from Derry. I always find it hard to imagine while listening to any of Darrell’s music that he is so young, because his voice and his songwriting sound so much more mature and complex.

His songs actually fit in nicely within playlists that include music by such artists as Brooks Williams, Matthew Santos, Paper Bird, Elephant Revival and Paolo Nutini. He’s still a fairly new, young, slowly emerging artist now, but I could see this fellow becoming as popular and influential as Elephant Revival and Paolo Nutini if he keeps releasing music as well-crafted as what appears on his new EP and his earlier release My My My (still one of my favorite albums, though WAY to short!). Maybe one of his songs off this new EP will be a breakthrough hit that will launch him on a US tour so he can come play a show in Fort Collins where I can take some photos for my show-photo collection.

Want to check out the new EP before it is released? It will only be available today (September 10, 2013) to stream for free on soundcloud, prior to its release on the 15th. It is available to pre-order on itunes now, and I’m guessing it will also be available on more sites than just itunes once it is officially released.

For today, you can listen to Darrell Coyle’s All I Need EP here.

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