Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: September 7

Celtic Thunder plays their first show of their 2013 fall tour this evening, a long way from here, but still kicking off a tour which will bring this group of Irish and Scottish performers to Loveland at the end of November (and to Colorado Springs in late October). Also coming up, Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne, of Celtic Thunder, will be releasing a new studio album on October 1st, a fan-requested follow-up to their tour as a duo last year. And, Darrell Coyle’s new EP will be released on itunes quite soon (right now it is in pre-release on itunes).

So, while I love knowing the people who play the music I enjoy listening to, this week this songlist will again settle more towards artists I am not friends with and artists I have never met in person.

The List:

1. David Francey (Torn Screen Door) – “Torn Screen Door” – I am absolutely in love with this song right now (it is about even this week with “Joshua-Teklanika” by Winchester Holiday, which sadly is still not on spotify.)

2. Levi Weaver (The Letters of Dr. Kurt Godel)- “Goodbye, Vivian” – This is one of those songs I love every time I hear it, but yet I can never remember what it sounds like when I just see its title. There are a few others from past lists that make my ears perk up a bit when they come on, and I think “wow, this is a great song! why haven’t I added this one to a songlist yet?” and then I realize I am actually listening to my grand playlist composed of all the songs on my playlists. I’m sure this song is going to be one of those, but it is still a really great song. This album incorporates visual artwork, so that when you buy the album you get images that go with each song, as well as the music itself.

3. Kerry Ellis (Anthems)- “Only the Good Die Young” – Speaking of great songs… This one is on this list to mark the recent birthday of Freddie Mercury, who would be 67 now if he were still alive. It could be reasonably argued, should anyone ever write my biography after I’m gone, that my years of not really admitting my huge interest in music stemmed from an unresolved sense of grief and loss when Freddie died just as I was discovering Queen in that summer before high school; Queen was pretty much the only band I listened to throughout high school.

4. Petals of Spain (Soul Canon)- “Shine” – Knowing how important Queen was to me as a music influence, Queen fans can probably imagine my reaction to hearing this song (and others by this band). Petals of Spain is not Queen, but if bands’ souls could reincarnate into new bands, this band might be considered Queen’s soul’s next life. Their new full-length self titled album, available at their live shows and on bandcamp, is even structured very much like Queen albums, with a quirky folk-inspired tune to end the album, and several songs that could easily be the next generation of Queen songs. Needless too say, this band won itself a new fan when they turned up to open a show at the Aggie last weekend.

5. Marian Call (Something Fierce)- “Ina Flew the Coop” – Marian Call reminds me a bit of some of the local singers whose live shows I enjoy, but she also just has a lot of really good songs. Oh yeah, and for folks in Boulder- Marian Call will be in Boulder, CO on Thursday 09.12.13 – at Trident Booksellers and Cafe
“Marian returns to Trident in downtown Boulder, CO, for an evening concert in the courtyard! The concert space is covered, so no rain worries, but dress according to the temperature. 7:30pm, all ages, free, $10-15 recommended artist donation. 940 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO.”

6. Humming House (Humming House)- “When the Dawn Becomes the Day” – I nearly added a SHEL song in this spot, before remembering that this week’s list is (mostly) of artists I haven’t met (yet). So I included Humming House instead, since these guys played a show with SHEL earlier this summer, and I missed their set and didn’t meet any of the band (that I know, though they were in the room when SHEL was playing and I can’t guarantee none of the people I met that night were in this band).

7. Celtic Thunder (Heritage)- “Gold & Silver Days” – This is where the rule of listing just artists I haven’t met fall apart a bit, because I have met George Donaldson and Ryan Kelly, the two fellows singing this song. In fact, while they may not remember me a year later after meeting so many thousands of other fans, I met Ryan twice. But, while most of the artists I have met would recognize me if they saw me again, I am not so sure these fellows would. And, as I type, Celtic Thunder is on the stage in Abbotsford, in British Columbia, so how could I not include one of Celtic Thunder’s songs?

8. Amy Winehouse (Back to Black)- “Back to Black” – I always think of George Donaldson when listening to Amy Winehouse, because around the time she died, George commented on her death and mentioned that he really likes her music. I had been only vaguely aware of her as a pop voice on the overhead speakers at grocery stores and fast food restaurants, and I have so much music to choose from for my blogging efforts that I never bothered to look up any of her music. There are probably other popular artists who are also easily overlooked like this, real musicians with cool sounds and good songs who are easily passed over as cheap mass-market pop music. While there is a lot of crap on most current popular albums, I do have to occasionally check out the songs in between the radio releases on the albums of the artists ‘everyone’ is listening to, just in case. (This song is on the radio a lot, but there’s a lot more to this lady’s music than just this song.)

9. Maximilian Hecker (Rose) – “Powderblue”- A dreamscape sort of song, one that put me to sleep last night when I was trying to ignore being ill to finish making this post at 3am. While this song makes a great lullaby, it is pretty cool to listen to while awake as well. I know artists who know this artist, as I noticed last time I visited his facebook pages, but we haven’t met yet, and I have yet to photograph one of his shows, so for now he is an artist I can include on this list.

10. Milla Jovovich (The Divine Comedy)- “In the Glade” – I do love posting songs in languages besides English, and this is one in Russian, by a woman who is usually known more for being a very pretty model, rather than a singer. Milla Jovovich, born in Kiev in 1975, is an actress (with Shakespeare’s Cymbeline and Resident Evil #6 as her current/most recent projects) and model, and she also has a new album in the works. As careers go, hers seems pretty cool.

11. Blind Melon (For My Friends)- “For My Friends” – Every time this song comes on I think, “Wait, I can’t use this song this week- it’s a local band’s song.” But, no, this is Blind Melon, and it is just one of those songs that I’ve heard covered very nicely by local bands this year.

12. Queen (Made in Heaven)- “Too Much Love Will Kill You”- After a song about Freddie, and a band which to me sounds like Queen’s reincarnation, I had to also include a song by Queen. The version of this song I still like best is the one sung by Brian May (who also wrote this song) on his solo album Back to the Light. But after living with both for years, this one, sung by Freddie Mercury, has grown on me. By the time he recorded this song, Freddie was very ill, and that he recorded so much music, and sounded so good, in those last years before he died is rather amazing.

13. Bryan Adams, Tina Turner (Anthology)- “It’s Only Love” 

14. Adele (21)- “Rolling In the Deep” – My favorite cover so far of this song was by a ska band, but I’ve heard this song rendered in just about every genre we have available here in Fort Collins. I love that such an instant classic song was released in its original form by an artist who also has the guts and character necessary to be a famous, glamorous, beautiful woman without all the diet-obsessiveness that traps so many celebrities. There are quite a few local artists who probably should be running or doing aerobics to improve their breath support and stamina on stage, but I think a lot of celebrity women in music lose track of why they are exercising and dieting and cost themselves far too much trying to look like supermodels.

15. Meat Loaf (Bat Out of Hell II: Back From Hell)- “Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through”- Many of the people I hang out with in the evenings at shows can probably relate to this song, as this sort of relationship with music is part of what keeps folks like us going out to venues every night and allows us to devote our lives to keeping local and indie music alive and thriving.

“Once upon a time was a backbeat
Once upon a time all the chords came to life
And the angels had guitars even before they had wings
If you hold onto a chorus you can get through the night… ”

16. Europe (Out of This World)- “Lights and Shadows”

17. Josh Groban (Closer)- “Si Volvieras A Mi”

18. Katherine Jenkins (The Essential Collection)- “Love Never Dies”- I get this song stuck in my head a lot, despite my not really having a well-trained soprano range with which to sing it. Actually, though, when I am not singing along with Katherine Jenkins, I seem to transpose this one down by a third or so, to a much more comfortable range for my voice, if only I knew all the words! So now it is on a songlist and I might hear it a lot more often to learn it better.

19. Joy Kills Sorrow (Joy Kills Sorrow)– “Land of Lost Grasses” – I haven’t posted too many instrumentals, but I love this one, an acoustic picture, especially when coupled with its title, of those grassy prairie landscapes I grew up in, where you can see the wind in the ripples of the grasses and the puffs and swirls of dustclouds. Most people don’t pay much attention to these ’empty’ spaces, noticing only the occasional trees, but if you spend some time hanging out in a prairie grassland it looks and feels a lot like this song sounds.

20. Chris Thile (How to Grow a Woman From the Ground)– “If the Sea Was Whiskey“-  I am looking forward to getting my tutoring schedule filled up soon so I can once again afford, not a sea of whiskey, but at least a bottle. There is a new bourbon available this fall in Fort Collins named after one of Fierce Bad Rabbit’s songs, with (of course) a rabbit on its label (probably fierce and bad, but I’m not sure what makes a rabbit look fierce and bad, exactly. I think he just looks cute and rabbity.) I have yet to taste this new beverage, but it is on my shopping list for when I have a budget for liquor again.

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