Music suggestions?

I’m scouting out new songs for my playlist posts today (perfect task for a sick-day) so… if you’ve been following my playlist posts you have a pretty decent idea what sorts of songs I might like. If you have any suggestions of songs not yet on my lists that you think would fit in well with the songs I already have highlighted, please post your suggestions here in the comments. Haven’t checked out my playlists yet? Click here for all the weekly songlist posts. 

Please keep in mind,  songs do, of course, have to be on spotify to be on these playlists, so sadly Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, most of Def Leppard, and a few other obvious favorites from the 80’s and earlier remain unavailable on spotify, as well as many local/regional/indie artists’ albums. And, as you can see from my existing lists, I am not into some styles of music at all, so rap, most hip-hop, most death metal and super-heavy heavy metal won’t ever make it onto my lists. There are many other music bloggers who love those genres, so if you want to promote artists and songs outside my range, check out some of the blogs and bloggers listed in my links section on the sidebar of this blog.

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Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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1 Response to Music suggestions?

  1. David Vacek says:

    Looking For A New Tune’s That are available on Spotify? Try Local Band “Monkey Paw Finger”. Their Tune’s “Bad Little Girl” , “Chicken Shack Shakin”, or “Crescent City Boogie” would fill the bill! 🙂

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