Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: August 31

Tour de Fat is over for 2013 here in Fort Collins, though Denver gets their annual dose soon. I have always skipped this event in the past because I have no bike and don’t really drink beer, but this year some of my friends were playing music on the various stages, so I made myself get up in the morning to be at the festival grounds in time to see and hear Fierce Bad Rabbit. 13 hours later I am finally home, and typing up the weekly playlist post (such a dedicated blogger I am !).  This week’s list gets back to some of the eclectic stuff I posted a lot more last year.

The List:
1. Brandi Carlile (Brandi Carlile) – “Tragedy” 

2. He’s My Brother She’s My Sister (Nobody Dances in This Town)- “Tales That I Tell” – A couple dozen people from the Fort Collins Tour de Fat today have some special memories associated with this song now. He’s My Brother She’s My Sister (yes, an unfortunately long band name) invited the other performers back to the stage to join them for the final song of the festival, and no other artists came up. Apparently they had all wandered off long before this last concert of the day. So they were quite enthusiastic about instead bringing up whatever audience members wanted to sing on stage with the band. Insurance nightmare and high risk gamble? Maybe. But, all of a sudden this band has several dozen new fans, plus all their friends. If this band comes back to Fort Collins in the next year or so, those people will probably be in their audience, along with their friends, partners and roommates. I’d say it was a brilliant move, and it was certainly a fun way to end the festival.

3. Bob Dylan (Playlist: The Very Best of Bob Dylan, the 1980’s)- “Everything is Broken” – There are a lot of Bob Dylan covers floating around our local scene right now, one of our current music scene trends, I suspect, considering how many other prolific songwriters there are to be covered. I have yet to hear this one played live, though, that I can recall.

4. The Wood Brothers (Loaded)- “Make Me Down a Pallet On Your Floor” – This song is a local favorite right now, especially as performed by Robin Lewis or Free Range Pickens. Since the ‘Pickens’ don’t have any albums out yet, let alone on spotify, I tracked down another recording of this traditional folk song. So, if you can, imagine this song as sung by a talented, pretty, strawberry-blonde lady.

5. Cibelle (The Shine of Dried Electric Leaves)- “Mad Man Song” 

6. Anonymous 4 (Gloryland)- “Merrick” – 4-piece a capella choral groups rarely make my lists, though I love this stuff and when I do wind up on stages it is to sing in choirs. Choral music just doesn’t always make it onto spotify, and a lot of what is on spotify sounds too fuzzy, dull, heavy or out of balance. Choirs are hard to record well, after all. This song, though, is very cool. If I were still in a women’s choir I would love to see about adding an arrangement of this song to the next rehearsal cycle.

7. Carolina Chocolate Drops (Genuine Negro Jig)- “Snowden’s Jig” 

8. Rising Appalachia (Scale Down)- “Old Fashioned Morphine” – To the tune, more or less, of “Old Time Religion”.

9. Sarah Jarosz (Follow Me Down) – “Gypsy”- Sarah Jarosz, by the way, has a new album coming out on September 24, called Build Me Up From Bones.

10. Celtic Thunder (The Show)- “Steal Away” – When the first, self-titled, Celtic Thunder album came out, Celtic Thunder was a new experiment in popularizing Celtic music and artists in the US. Now that this group is about to embark on their next tour to promote their latest new album Mythology, the first album has come to be referred to as ‘The Show”. This song was first released on that first album, and has been performed on several different tours since that first year. Since Celtic Thunder performed this song as part of their ‘best of’ tour last year, the best rendition so far in my book, by the way, they may be retiring this song to make room for all their new songs.  Their new tour starts in about a week, so we’ll soon see.

11. Juana Molina (Un Dia)- “El Vistado” – It appears Juana Molina may also have a new album coming out quite soon.

12. Hayley Westenra, Cheryl Wheeler (Celtic Treasures)- “Summer Fly”- It seems like a bit of a challenge making pop music with a sweetly angelic voice like Hayley Westenra’s, without sounding insipid (a problem Charlotte Church no doubt also wrestled with before settling on her current ‘experimental’ pop-rock sound). Here is one Hayley Westenra song, though, that sounds like it could hold its own on pop radio stations, without being too sweet or boring.

13. Jane Siberry, with k.d. lang (When I Was a Boy)- “Calling All Angels” 

14. Youssou N’Dour (Joko: The Link)- “Beykat” 

15. Ross Crean (Blackwater)- “Dheanainn Sugradh”

16. Titi Robin (Anita)- “Bahai flamenca/ Cheval de troie/ Anita “

17. Dar Williams (Many Great Companions)- “Are You Out There”- A different sound from the past few Dar Williams songs I’ve posted. Here she reminds me a bit of Natalie Merchant, actually, only better.

18. The Haunted Windchimes (Out With the Crow)- “Out With the Crow”- Aren’t these guys just so cool! This is definitely one of my favorite newly discovered artists from this year’s New West Fest. I’ll be seeing Ambassador Wolf next weekend when they play there at the Aggie along with Shatterproof, Wasteland Hop, The Other Black and Qbala, so we’ll see if Ambassador Wolf (another band I first encountered at this year’s New West Fest) also remains a favorite after I have seen them twice.

19. Bratsch (Notes de Voyage)– “Hora Roumaine” – I know at one point I tracked down a website or two that offered Bratsch albums for US customers. Amazon has 12 albums listed from this French band, but not this 1989 album. Their website’s music shop is not functioning at the moment, but perhaps it is only temporarily down. In the meantime it is on spotify, though.

20. Paolo Nutini (These Streets)– “Million Faces”- It would be so cool if Paolo Nutini was a local Fort Collins artist so I could see him live every few weeks or so. Sadly he is a Scottish artist, and we’ll be lucky if he ever tours through Fort Collins. Of course, I could also see myself having quite a crush on a local fellow who could write and sing these songs the way this guy does, and I already have had one too many crushes for my liking this year, so maybe it’s best that Paolo is not here.

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