‘New’ Bands at 2013 Tour de Fat Fort Collins

In addition to Bad Weather California, Fierce Bad Rabbit, Pimps of Joytime, Post Paradise and the Epilogues (all bands I’ve seen/met before here in Fort Collins), our city hosted two excellent bands that are fairly new to Fort Collins- He’s My Brother She’s My Sister (from L.A.) and Petals of Spain (from Denver). 

Petals of Spain

This band has been around in Denver since 2008, but has not so far spent enough time in Fort Collins for us to have adopted them as one of ‘ours’. These guys manage to blend together rhythms, melodies and styles from various eras of pop, rock, funk, disco, classic rock, ‘world’ music, and classical, resulting in a really cool array of songs that remains interesting and distinctive even at the ear-blasting volumes popular at most music venues. These guys played the opening set for the Tour de Fat after-party at the Aggie Theatre, opening for Post Paradise and the Epilogues, and appropriate to the holiday their electric guitarist took the stage in just his underwear. As a musician friend of mine commented last night, some musicians have nightmares about finding themselves playing guitar naked on stage, while others don’t see why that would be a nightmare.

Petals of Spain released a brand new album on Friday, with a CD release party show at the Bluebird Theater, in Denver, a show which also featured one of Fort Collins’ recent discoveries and favorite Denver bands, Rachel and the Kings. That new album is not posted on their bandcamp, but here, from their bandcamp page, is their recent EP from February of this year, Soul Canon. 


He’s My Brother She’s My Sister

This band has been playing on the Tour de Fat stage for a couple different cities’ Tour de Fat events this season. They told me they actually did perform in Fort Collins once before this weekend, drawing a rather small and unsatisfying crowd, and we had not really been on their radar for upcoming tours after that experience. But, after yesterday’s show maybe they will reconsider. The park was packed for this last show of our Tour de Fat event, and when no performers from the earlier sets were around to join this band for their final song, the last song of this year’s Tour de Fat event here, the band packed the stage with excited members of the audience instead. 

He’s My Brother She’s My Sister has a style that blends the lusciousness of SHEL and the Haunted Windchimes with the more rock-oriented sounds of Fierce Bad Rabbit, Patti Fiasco and Post Paradise. Now that a huge chunk of Fort Collins knows who this band is, despite their mouthful-of-a-bandname, no doubt they could draw a much better crowd the next time they play here. And, if they can team up with one of our increasingly popular bands, they are sure to have a sold-out show next time we see them here.

Here, from their bandcamp page, is their latest album, Nobody Dances In This Town

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