Entertainment Options for Tonight (Fri. 8/30/2013)

Going on RIGHT NOW down the street from my place- the CSU Fall Concert, which featured local SpokesBUZZ band Wasteland Hop as the opening act. 

But what to do after the show? 

Well, besides all the after-parties, there is a LOT of great music going on tonight. 

– Fierce Bad Rabbit and Wire Faces will be playing at Road 34 tonight (on Elizabeth just 1 block east of Moby) to kick of Tour de Fat weekend in style. There are lots of great drink specials, especially for some of Fort Collins’ great local beers. Cover is $5 at the door, and doors open at 9.

– At the Aggie Theatre (on College ~1.5 blocks north of Safeway) Hog Magundy is playing a FREE SHOW tonight, with Free Range Pickens as their opening band. If you like bluegrass/ ‘newgrass’/ dancegrass/ high-octane bluegrass/ etc. this is the show for you. If you are under 21, expect to be breathalyzed at the door, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying some excellent local bluegrassy bands.

– At Cranknstein (north end of old town, ~1 block north of Hodi’s) Sageland Stomp, an excellent Wyoming band, will be playing. I am not sure if the openers for this will be Wolf van Elfmand and his friend, AND Dee Tyler, or what, but either way the opening act(s) ought to be excellent too. This will be a free show, and I am pretty sure it is all ages.

– At Everyday Joe’s Coffee House, Maxwell Hughes will be playing a show to celebrate the release of his NEW ALBUM. In my book this is the most exciting show of the night, because new albums from great artists like Maxwell Hughes always are fantastic news. And, Danielle Anderson, aka Danielle Ate the Sandwich, will be opening this show (well, at this venue often the supporting act plays second, so I’m not betting on who plays first, but they’ll both play songs). Danielle now lives in that damp, mosquito-friendly, freezing-in-winter part of the country called Minnesota, but she still comes back to visit every few months, and SHE’S BACK! for tonight. This show is $12 at the door, This show started at 7, but is still going on right now, parallel to the Mackelmore show that is now blasting its way into my apartment. 

There is almost certainly also music at Hodi’s Halfnote and at Avogadro’s Number worth checking out tonight, and more music options listed at the Fort Collins Live Music facebook page (see that calendar for lots of great listings, mostly covering venues I don’t cover as much).

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