Album of the Day: Patti Fiasco- Small Town Lights

Patti Fiasco- Small Town Lights

Patti Fiasco- Small Town Lights

Patti Fiasco – Small Town Lights  ♥♥♥♥♥ (5 hearts out of 5)

Patti Fiasco released a brand new album just a couple weeks ago, Small Town Lights, with the first copies of the album available exclusively at their New West Fest show, several days before the new album became available online. Thankfully it did turn up on spotify in time for me to include songs from it on my weekly song list posts, and now this luscious album is available online at and itunes, as well as on spotify. Their first album hovered between country and rock, and this band’s live shows feel a lot more like alternative/country rock, but this new album highlights the more country side of Patti Fiasco.

Alysia Kraft’s obvious fondness for and familiarity with Wyoming comes out just as strongly in both albums, but in this new one, it feels like Wyoming, in a good way. This is Wyoming as the sort of place where Ray Bradbury’s small town characters would feel at home, with just enough of the rough edges to be authentic, but a romanticized authentic. And, while we are in Colorado, not Wyoming, the big skies and wild western countryside of Wyoming is a lot like our own landscapes. (Actually I found Casper, last time I was there, to be a lot like Pueblo West or the southern end of Pueblo, so no wonder these Wyoming songs remind me a bit of where I grew up.)

As one of my musician friends pointed out last week, the best way to buy an album from an artist, if you want the artist to receive as much of the proceeds as possible, is to buy albums in person or on sites like bandcamp where artists keep most or all of the money you pay to purchase their music. Still, as this band has no bandcamp option, and not everyone has the great pleasure of being able to catch this band live on a regular basis, buying albums from amazon or itunes still helps support these artists a lot more than just playing their songs on spotify or sites like Pandora. (Think of those sites as our equivalent of radio in the 80’s- we listen for free, with all those silly ads, but when we know what albums we want for our collection, we buy those at a concert or a music store, in our era usually online.)

Actually, Patti Fiasco won’t be playing much locally until October, when they will be playing a show as part of SpokesBUZZ’s very cool BandSwap event, so even if you live in the Fort Collins area, you may want to find this one online if you didn’t grab a copy already.

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