Album of the Day: Fox & Hound- Foul

Fox & Hound – Foul   ♥♥♥♥♥ (5 hearts out of 5)

Earlier this summer Fox & Hound turned up at Avogadro’s Number to play as the featured artists for an open mic, filling a spot that had been unexpectedly vacated by other performers at relatively short notice. I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get to see the originally scheduled featured artists, but we didn’t suffer for the last minute substitution. Fox & Hound are an acoustic folk/pop duo from Cheyenne, relatively unknown to the Fort Collins music scene. Their new EP Foul includes one of my favorites of the songs they played at the open mic, “Twin Sheets”, along with 4 other excellent songs that I have not encountered live yet (or don’t remember hearing). For a quick, low cost infusion of great new light pop/folk music, this EP is a great option. It is available to listen to and to download from the band’s bandcamp site for just $4. Also available from this duo on their bandcamp site- their first album, Communications, which was recorded in a bathroom (to be fair, some bathrooms have gorgeous acoustics), and and earlier EP from 2011, Hands. We have yet to entice these fellows to relocate to Fort Collins, but this is one of Wyoming’s current music acts that is always welcome here.

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