Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: August 24, 2013

Apparently Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays are the worst days to post stuff just about anywhere on social media, so I am trying a new plan to post these weekly songlists, hopefully timing them so as to be easier for folks to know about when they are posted. This week’s songlist draws from a variety of genres, and includes songs from Celtic Thunder, Rhydian Roberts, Miranda Lambert, Bon Iver, Sting, and Bodega. Also in this list is my favorite song off the brand new Patti Fiasco album which came out just this week.

The List:
1. David Francey (Torn Screen Door) – “Gypsy Boys” – I’ve been straying pretty far from all the Irish music I originally blogged about almost exclusively, so this week I let a bit more ‘Celtic’ stuff filter into the list. While this fellow is Canadian, he might as well be some sort of Celtic with respect to some of his songs. David Francey was actually born in Scotland, and perhaps these songs are his roots showing through.

2. Celtic Thunder, Ryan Kelly (Voyage)- “Moondance” – Ryan Kelly is of course Irish, from a small town called Moy (whose population is a bit bigger than that of my high school). This song is one I find myself singing while walking home quite often, so it had to make the list this week. Celtic Thunder will be starting their fall tour in just a few more weeks, so Thunderheads everywhere are starting to get excited about these lads emerging from their islands to sing for us again. There is no Denver show this year, but they will be in Colorado Springs in late October and in Loveland at the end of November.

3. Patti Fiasco (Small Town Lights)- “Oil” –  Here it is, my favorite song off the new Patti Fiasco album. This is one of my favorite songs to hear this band perform live, so it was already a favorite long before the album came out, and I’m sure other songs will edge it out of its top spot as I become more familiar with the rest of the album.

4. Mosey West (Merica)- “The Storm” – Mosey West played a show at Hodi’s Halfnote yesterday, along with two of my favorite local bands, Von Stomper and Rich WITH Friends. This is one of those bands everyone says I ought to check out, and for various reasons I keep missing their shows, so finally I got to check them off my list, and yep, they’re pretty good. (I also finally saw the Yawpers, Grant Farm, and Futaba last weekend, so my list of great bands I haven’t caught yet within this area’s music scene is finally shrinking away.)

5. Danielle Ate the Sandwich (Two Bedroom Apartment)- “Women Who Loved You” – Danielle will be performing at Everyday Joe’s along with Maxwell Hughes at the end of this month for Maxwell Hughes’ CD release. I suspect this might be a sold out show (it ought to be) and I have too many photos of both of these talented people to need to get in to this show, but as these are some of my absolute favorite people in the music world, I may very well be there.

6. Celtic Woman (A New Journey)- “The Last Rose of Summer” – It isn’t the end of summer yet, but my miniature roses have pretty much finished blooming, and the last flower on the yellow one is now shriveled (the red one quit blooming earlier in July). Now, if they survive the heat and the thrips and mites that seem to love the conditions on my balcony, maybe they will over-winter and bloom again next year. In the meantime, while I am tidying and repotting them later this weekend, this song will no doubt be running through my head.

7. Rhydian (Welsh Songs- Caneuon Cymraeg)- “Rhywbeth O’I Le” – Rhydian will have new music coming out sometime relatively soon. This is another of the songs off his Welsh album, my favorite of his albums so far. If only he toured through Fort Collins (especially while he still has his super-muscly super-sexy ‘Rocky’ body- I’m sure it takes a lot of time and energy keeping himself that buff, and once he is through playing that role, my guess is he’ll maintain a much less labor-intensive shape, still sexy, just not like that).

8. David J. Roch (Skin & Bones)- “Evil’s Pillow” 

9. Miranda Lambert (Kerosene) – “Love Is Looking For You” – A very pretty love song that also paints love in a rather more accurate light, as something that goes looking for you, whether you want it to or not.

10. Marian Call (Something Fierce)- “Temporal Dominoes” 

11. Bryan Adams (Anthology)- “One Night Love Affair” 

12. Bon Iver (For Emma, Forever Ago)- “Flume”- I think it was Keith Harkin’s sister Rebecca who mentioned this song a few months ago, but it has been hanging out in my ‘holding’ space (a playlist where I put songs I might use in some future weekly playlist) ever since. I hadn’t really paid much attention to this one before, but it is a pretty cool song.

13. Kris Gruen, Anais Mitchell (New Comics From the Wooded World)- “Anchors” 

14. Real Tuesday Weld (I, Lucifer)- “The Eternal Seduction of Eve” –  I still consider this album one of my top ten all-time favorites, and this is one of my favorite tracks on this album.

15. Sting (If On A Winter’s Night)- “Soul Cake”- Yeah, it is not Christmas, but I always associate this song with summer camp, since we used to sing this song at Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch when I used to work there. Summer’s just about over and school is getting back in session for CSU and all the high schools and primary schools around the state, so a camp song to sing out the end of the summer season seems appropriate.

16. Maroon 5 (Hands All Over)- “Out of Goodbyes”- (with Lady Antebellum)

17. Bodega (Bodega)- “Oran Chaluim Sgaire”- A bit of Scottish Gaelic, and a tune I really like regardless of the language of the lyrics (there are a few different Celtic songs set to this melody).

18. Eastmountainsouth (Eastmountainsouth)- “All the Stars”

19. Handsome & Gretyl (Hold on Tight Love)– “Darling” 

20. Places (Where We Are Right Now)– “Always Tomorrow”- Some of the lines of this song really sum me up when it comes to dating anymore, I think. There was a time when I might have actively pursued the fellow I have a crush on (still), but I’ve gotten too old and cynical, I guess. Relationships always end, and it’s always the same miserableness when they end, so I am a bit relieved that my crush is dating someone else now, and even if he were single still, I might not say anything to him. We’re good now and I see no good reason to mess things up by trying to start dating him. Yep, old and cynical. Oh, and of course here’s another song from Places, clearly one of my favorite Denver bands lately (along with Rachel & the Kings and Patti Fiasco).

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