Life Goes on After New West Fest, Right?

The Haunted Windchimes, 2013 New West Fest, Fort Collins

The Haunted Windchimes, 25th Annual New West Fest

Well, the 25th Annual New West Fest has come and gone, and hopefully everyone who made it to the festival had fun and everyone too far away or otherwise busy had a chance to listen to some of the great songs I posted on my spotify playlist this week. I heard several of those songs live this weekend despite only staying at each show for a few minutes, and all the bands and artists in my playlist were at least as good live as they sounded in the recordings on spotify. It will take me a few days to get through sorting, let alone editing all the photos I took this weekend, but in the meantime, the music world spins on.

Rich WITH Friends at the 25th Annual New West Fest

Rich WITH Friends at the 25th Annual New West Fest

This week there are several shows on my radar that will probably drag me away from sorting New West Fest photos. This Friday two of my favorite bands, Rich WITH Friends and Von Stomper, will be at Hodi’s along with Mosey West. Tickets for this show are $5 ($10 for those under 21) and the show starts most likely around 9ish, with doors open at 8pm. Rich WITH Friends is just about ready to release their new album, so keep an eye out for news from them about their new release. And, for those folks who listen to KRFC’s Live at Lunch program, Von Stomper will be on that show this Thursday.

Tyler T. at Hodi's Halfnote

Tyler T.

And, for anyone who has yet to catch the awesomeness that is Tyler T., this talented fellow will be playing a show at Lucky Joe’s this Wednesday starting at 9pm, just before he heads out of town for a brief mini-tour in Texas. Tyler is one of those artists I have tons of photos of already, but I think after photographing 74 bands in a bit over 2 days, I deserve a bit of a treat.

Also, there is still a comedy open mic and funk jam at Hodi’s Halfnote tomorrow (Monday)- Comedy starts at 7pm and the funk jam starts around 10ish, both free. There is also an open mic at Avogadro’s Number on Tuesday starting at 8pm, with sign-up starting at 7pm at Avo’s (near the soundboard in the middle room). So, yeah, taking it easy this week really just means I might be just editing photos on Thursday and Saturday night.

Alysia Kraft of The Patti Fiasco at the 25th Annual New West Fest

Alysia Kraft of The Patti Fiasco at the 25th Annual New West Fest

And, while not out at shows, I’ll be absorbing the brand-new Patti Fiasco album, Small Town Lights, which the band brought with them to New West Fest yesterday. It includes one of my favorite songs from this band, “Oil”, along with Ansel Foxley’s “Chicken Song”, always a crowd favorite since they started playing it live. This album is definitely one to pick up at the next Patti Fiasco show near you, or online once it becomes available on itunes in the next day or so.

My top 5 favorites from this year’s New West Fest? How can I possibly choose? I had to walk away from just about every one of the New West Fest shows mid-song, so except for SHEL, Fierce Bad Rabbit and the Samples, I had to choose to miss part of everyone’s shows to be able to catch a bit of every show. I guess my favorites (besides SHEL) are the ones I had the hardest time walking away from mid-song this weekend.

My top 5 for the 2013 New West Fest-

#1) SHEL,

#2) Swing Je T’aime

#3) The Yawpers

#4) The Haunted Windchimes

#5) either Shannon Fitzsimmons, You Me & Apollo, or Finnders and Youngberg.

What were your top 5 festival shows at New West Fest this weekend?



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4 Responses to Life Goes on After New West Fest, Right?

  1. Vincent Burkardt says:

    Thank you for recognizing singer/songwriter Shannon Fitzsimmons. She is quickly becoming respected as a rising talent in the Fort Collins music scene.

    • Ravenmount says:

      I’ve seen her twice so far this year, and both of her performances were quite good. I look forward to seeing her develop more of a presence in Fort Collins and the surrounding area over the next few years.

      • Anonymous says:

        Shannon Fitzsimmons is organizing a show for American Cancer Society on Friday, March 7th at 7pm at Everyday Joe’s. Artists include Shannon, Mary Sue, Elevation, Wendy Woo and Blue Taboo. It will be a great show, and fundraiser for a great cause.

  2. David Vacek says:

    Austin Young’s Set on The Library Park Stage was DEFINITELY the Best Set of New West Fest / Bohemian Nights. The Audience Response, The High Energy Performance, He should be on the Main Stage Next year.

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