Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: August 7

The List:
1. Dala (Everyone is Someone)- “Horses” – I get pretty used to seeing Fort Collins listed on the tour schedules of new bands and artists I come across, but sadly these ladies have no dates listed for Colorado in the next year, let alone Fort Collins.

2. Wings (Wingspan)- “Silly Love Songs” – One of those tunes I get stuck in my head a lot- I was wandering around the apartment unpacking and singing to my cat about how cute he is, to the tune of this song’s chorus, so I figured it might as well make the cut this week.

3. Celtic Thunder, Damian McGinty (Heritage)- “Buachaill on Eirne” – Celtic Thunder recorded several versions of this song over the years, and this is my favorite of them.  Damian’s voice has since matured into a nice rich low baritone, so while he may still perform this song on occasion, he no longer sounds like the boy the song’s lyrics refer to, a lad charming the pretty girls and preening about what all he can offer them.

4. The Mommyheads (If A Lot of Bands Play in the Woods)– “Set List Title: Cableguy” – This song seems like a response or homage to “Life in a Northern Town”.

5. Fierce Bad Rabbit (Live and Learn EP) – “You”- I had the pleasure of attending the premiere of the new film Whensday this week, a creation that brings together the considerable talents of Fort Collins for a very well-crafted independent movie about time travel, bikes, and how great Fort Collins is. The soundtrack for this new film includes lots of great local bands’ songs, including this one. The purple hair (on the female lead-actor) helps, but the scene this song was used in is now perfectly intertwined with this song in my head, a sign of a great song, a great scene, or (most likely) a bit of both.

6. The Grascals (Rough Guide to Bluegrass)- “Blue Rock Slide”

7. The High Kings (The High Kings)- “The Auld Triangle”

8. Nickle Creek (Nickle Creek)- “The Lighthouse’s Tale”

9. Shawn Colvin (All Fall Down)- “Seven Times the Charm”-

10. Dixie Chicks (Fly)- “Cowboy Take Me Away”

11. Danielle Ate the Sandwich (Two Bedroom Apartment)- “Where the Good Ones Go” 

12. Patti Fiasco (The Patti Fiasco)- “Plainsong”- This song sounds a lot like the songs this band’s lead singer Alysia Kraft performs with fellow singer-songwriter Sandi Foster in their new duet project Whippoorwill (a duet which I hear has been working on making some studio recordings recently). The Patti Fiasco will be releasing a new album sometime soon too (their would-be CD release party at Hodi’s this summer turned into just a really great concert, but the album is still coming soon).

13. Matthew Santos (Quickly Disappearing)- “Scarecrow”- If I had to guess from just hearing this song at random I might have guessed it was from Queen’s experiment at adding bluesy vocalist Paul Rodgers to their line-up.

14. Rachel Brooke (A Killer’s Dream)- “Late Night Lover” –  This song would go really well with Mama Lenny & the Remedy’s song “Skin” for a particularly steamy playlist.

15. The Platters- “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes”

16. Mario Marzi, Federico Senesi (A.C. Jobim- East Travel)- “Water to Drink”- a particularly lovely saxaphone instrumental.

17. Electric Light Orchestra (Afterglow)- “Can’t Get It Out of My Head”- Probably this ought to be one of my theme songs.

18. The Guo Brothers (Bliss)- “Soldiers of the Long March”- A nice Chinese instrumental that captures a bit of the mood I associate with the Long March from what I know of that interesting bit of Chinese history.

19. Pocket Satellite (Toy Train)- “Toy Train” – One of my new finds this week that I am becoming particularly attached to. These guys are currently located in London, so a long way from Fort Collins, but you never know- they might tour this way eventually. They’d certainly fit in well here

20. The Duhks (Fast Paced World)- “Sleepin’ Is All I Wanna Do” 

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