Week in Review: July 21- August 2

So much for attending fewer shows while focusing on getting ready to move. I had a pretty full calendar for the last week before my moving day, though since moving I have spent a few days regrouping and finding everything, so I’ve only taken in one show since the move (a Tyler T. show, not surprisingly, at Equinox Brewing Co. with Cary Morin).

My favorite shows of this past ‘week’

Whippoorwill at Avo's

Whippoorwill at Avo’s

Whippoorwill- This is a new duo, with Alycia Kraft of Patti Fiasco and Austin folk singer-songwriter Staci Foster. These ladies sound amazing together, and they both write the sort of songs that seem like you’ve known them forever even if you’re hearing them for the first time. Their sound and live show remind me of Brandi Carlile, Melissa Etheridge and Shawn Colvin, a decent crowd among which to be classed, for sure. I saw this duo twice in the past two weeks, since they opened for a band last week at Avogadro’s Number and this week at Hodi’s for Von Stomper.

Tyler T. – I won’t add yet another shot of this fellow to the blog- I know there are already lots of photos of him among my recent posts and while I think he is one of the cutest men in the music scene, I know not everyone needs new photos of him every week. But he did play another show this week, at a new venue for him, Narghile Nights, a hookah bar. ¬†This space looks appealing with its lush Asian-inspired decor, and it smells nice. While the sound system wasn’t the best I’ve heard, it worked well enough and the audience (and staff) seemed to really enjoy the music. Tyler played my request, “Wildflower” (always a move more likely to land an artist in my favorites list, though he was already a favorite), and included an instrumental guitar song this time that I particularly enjoyed. This fellow won’t be playing much in Fort Collins this month, but he’ll be playing in towns along the Front Range and making a trip to Texas to play a few shows this month.

006Free Range Pickens- I saw this band last night along with Funky Tunk Heroes, Von Stomper and Papagoya at the first annual Hullabaloo festival, an event which brought together a bunch of bands with lots of artist overlap for one big show. I hope this event continues every year, because it would make for a fun annual event, and because it would mean that these 4 bands will continue to perform successfully in Fort Collins for years to come. This first one was well attended and seemed to bring in plenty of business for Avo’s, but it seems to me that this event might be a better idea for September when all the students are back, as that would greatly increase the number of people around town looking for this sort of high energy multi-genre music show.

Bands/ Artists I Saw This Week

The Lonesome Heroes


Coles Whalen


A.M. Pleasure Assassins

Herbie Hancock Tribute Band

Tumbling Dice

Jeff Brinkman Band

Von Stomper

Tyler T.

Free Range Pickens


Funky Tunk Heroes

Plus the open mic at Lucky Joe’s on Sunday night, Hodi’s comedy open mic and funk jam on Monday night and the Avo’s open mic on Tuesday.

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