Today in Fort Collins (Sat, July 27)

Saturday July 27, 2013

Moving day is almost here, and my apartment is a wreck, not at all conducive to writing great blog content. But, the show must go on, and certainly there are lots of shows for me to choose from this evening. The one I will be attending is at Avogadro’s Number, a fantastic multi-band show that will run from 6pm-2am tonight, featuring 2 local bands that have overlapping members and rehearse in the same space. They are not all the same genre- Free Range Pickens is bluegrass/folk, Funky Tunk Heroes is an alternative rock band, Papagoya is a funk/reggae/blues inspired rock band, and Von Stomper is a band that draws on blues, 60’s rock & roll and folk. This circle of musicians includes lots of amazing talent and some very addictive songs, and all of them in one night will make for an amazing event.

Some of Tonight’s Entertainment Offerings (that I know about so far):

Post Paradise

Post Paradise

Old Town- Streetmosphere, all day till 8:30pm, multiple locations in Old Town, plus additional performances in Front Range Village [multiple genres plus visual arts]

Equinox Brewing Co– Das Wunder Band, 6-8pm [Blues-rock/Soul]

Hodi’s Half Note– Ambassador Wolf and Avocat, $5 (21+) or $10 (under 21),

Cranknstein– Action Bastard [rock],  9pm, FREE

Avogadro’s Number– Papagoya, Funky Tunk Heroes, Von Stomper, and Free Range Pickens, $5, 6pm-2am

Road 34– The Echo Chamber, Electric Shoes, and Poney [electronic/psychadelic/alt rock], $5, 21+, 9pm-close (2am)

Aggie Theatre– Post Paradise and Widow’s Bane [rock], $7, 8pm-close

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