Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: July 24

There’s not as much commentary as I would like to be writing for this list this week, because of course I am packing and preparing to move while still attending shows and taking photos every night till quite late. There’s some good stuff though this week. And, I included two tracks by Celtic Thunder singers, since these lads have been conspicuously absent from these lists for a few weeks. Paul Byrom is starting to get attention from the PBS stations throughout the US for his new music special, which will be turning up on TV stations in a few months. Keith Harkin has been hanging out on Sir Richard Branson‘s island, Necker Island. He’s having a grand time, judging from the photos he’s been posting. So far as I have role models, I suppose I consider Sir Branson a role model, so I rather like the idea that he’s taken an interest in Keith. 

The List:
1. Paolo Nutini– “Last Request” 

2. Alison Krauss- “Down to the River to Pray” – This song turned up as a cover at the Avo’s Open Mic this week, though sadly only two verses of it.

3. Keith Harkin- “Everybody’s Talkin”

4. Katie Glassman- “The Accomplice”

5. Rhydian Roberts– “The Impossible Dream” – Rhydian’s career is most definitely focused on his home region, Wales, a far cry from the international stardom he was so interested in back when he was on X-Factor. Still, he does release new music occasionally, and he seems to be gearing up towards something new. Hopefully he’ll be releasing a new album sometime in the relatively near future. In the meantime, I always find this song inspiring when I am dealing with the uncertainties of my fledgling career as a music blogger.

6. Tesla- “Signs”

7. Arrowsmith- “Love in an Elevator”

8. The Judds- “Turn it Loose”

9. Josh Groban– “Mi Morena”- I love this song. The first version I heard was in the form of an AOL live sessions video on youtube, and I really liked the way Josh sang this song in that recording. I was quite disappointed that it never turned up on the albums I bought of his music, but at least so long as spotify exists and has this song in its catalog I get to hear it even when I am nowhere near youtube.   

10. Andrew Lipke- “Reunion”

11. Sarah Slean, Ian D’Sa- “Lucky Me”

12. Alan Jackson- “Chattahoochee”- I avoid mainstream music most of the time- there is so much other music around that I really just run out of time long before I get around to remembering the stuff I used to listen to when my only music was mainstream radio. Popular is not mutually exclusive with good, though, and I do really like some of these mainstream modern country songs a lot.

13. The Dillards- “Big Ship”

14. Bailey Cooke- “1st of September”

15. Paul Byrom, Celtic Thunder- “Doo Wacka Doo”- The video for this song is especially amusing; Paul Byrom can actually tap dance, and seems to really enjoy being a song-and-dance man out of the 1920’s. No one knows exactly how this fellow will develop once he gets started properly with his solo career here in the US, but I would not mind if he channeled a bit more of this old-timey style in future appearances. He does it very well.

16. The Decemberists- “16 Military Wives“- I suppose this is a pretty mild form of ‘punk’, but it is at least headed in that direction. One of my goals this summer is becoming to expand my genres a bit- it is so easy to just attend all the same genres of local shows, and to follow only bands and artists I know already, but there is so much more, even in Fort Collins, and certainly in the state of Colorado and the spotify library. If I want a more diverse local music scene, the least I can do would be to keep my own blog from settling into too narrow a mold.

17. David Francey- “Saints and Sinners”- I’d imagine this song will be one I will find myself humming to myself while walking around town once I know it better. It’s a great song, and very catchy.

18. Kim Richey- “I Will Follow”- Another genre I don’t include much of, partly because there is less of it here in our live music scene is the sort of pop sound that does well on mainstream radio. This song could blend in really easily with the playlist at my local McDonalds, but it is still a decent song.

19. Emily King- “Ain’t No Sunshine

20. George Michael & Elton John- “Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me”- One of my all-time favorite duets in recorded music.


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