What You’re Missing- Avo’s Open Mic

July 23, 2013

472Well, that was a fun open mic! It was a bit short- we usually don’t get the last performer off the stage before 11 or even midnight- but considering how much packing I need to do before I move next week, I am cool with having shorter open mics this week. (Lucky Joe’s open mic was also a bit short this past weekend.) We had quite a few newcomers play tonight, and a bit more variety than usual with respect to instruments and music genres, which is always nice. We also had a lot more women performing than usual, mostly among the newcomers.

My favorite set? Probably Adam Nobody’s, actually. He needs to try some new songs, but the ones he played tonight are all solid and seemed to impress even those folks in the audience for whom his genre is not their style at all. If he has enough material, Adam would be a great opening act for whatever folk punk/ punk folk or light punk bands we have playing around Fort Collins.

John Hamilton, Avo's Open Mic

John Hamilton, Avo’s Open Mic

This week’s open mic started with a set from one of the regulars, B. Nash, performing a selection of original songs, including 2 brand new ones. Following B. Nash, we were entertained by John Hamilton, playing ukulele, with a looping pedal on some of his songs so he can also play harmonica and sing.  Currently punk rock singer Adam Nobody is on stage for the open mic. Meanwhile, the outdoor patio show was also going on, with the lovely Coles Whalen on stage at 8pm to open that show. I didn’t get to see much of it, but from what I heard and the one song I took in while snapping a few photos of Coles, the patio show was pretty good tonight.

Lunar Light Brigade, Avo's Open Mic

Lunar Light Brigade, Avo’s Open Mic

Newcomer duo Chris and Marty played their first set at Avo’s tonight as the Lunar Light Brigade. These guys sound pretty new, with overly loud vocals as if they are used to having to sing loud to be heard above their guitars without mics. They remind me a bit of what Bill and Ted would sound like as a duo acoustic group, not necessarily a bad thing, but different. But, at least they have good taste in cover sounds, even if their memory of Europe’s “The Final Countdown” was a bit shaky and they were singing the synthesizer bits. Their most well-rehearsed song sounded pretty decent, a bit Hootie and the Blowfish, but some people still like this style of acoustic pop. It will be interesting to see how this lads progress over the next year or so.

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