Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: July 17

Here it is, the new Ravenmount playlist. This week’s list includes a few more new finds from my exploration of spotify’s music library, plus a few more great songs by local artists.

The List:
1. Places- “Doesn’t Matter What I Say” 

Another song from one of my favorite Denver bands. One of these days I’ll see them again on a day when I can stick around and meet the band, but so far I’ve only seen them, not yet met them, cause I am always rushing off somewhere before the end of their set.

2. Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy- “Old White House”

This band is embarking on a tour, with one of their first stops TONIGHT in Fort Collins at Moe’s Barbecue (9pm, $5 cover). Tonight is also the second show of the Lagoon Summer Concert Series, tonight the Wendy Woo Band, so I’ll be hopefully catching both tonight.

3. Sean Watkins- “Whipping Boy”

A nice bluegrassy folk tune I came across on spotify. I love the instrumental bits in this one.

4. Musketeer Gripweed- “River Callin'”

The Gripweed Family Picnic is this weekend, featuring Musketeer Gripweed, Mama Lenny & the Remedy, and Josh Miller.  I still have no idea where this event will be taking place, and there are very few tickets (only 200 total), but it sounds like it will be a fun camping weekend for those folks who do get to participate.

5. Fred Astair- “A Foggy Day”

I got this song stuck in my head the other day and realized I am a bit hazy about some of the words, having gone too long without hearing it, so it’s on the list this week.

6. Eastmountainsouth– “So Are You To Me

This is a REALLY pretty song.

7. Sara Evans- “Suds in the Bucket”

8. Hannah & Maggie- “Syncopate, Syncopate”

9. Cary Morin- “Between You and Me”

A great song off Cary’s brand new album, release just a few weeks ago. I’ve heard Cary play this one live a lot, and I really prefer the style of music he plays when it is live, but this album is a lot easier to take home than the man himself (plus all his instruments and gear). The recording quality of this new album is noticeably better than his last album, too (not that the last album was bad, but this one is closer to Cary’s live sound, even on my tiny computer speakers).

10. The Wailin’ Jennys- “Ten Mile Stilts”

11. Julie Fowlis- “M’ fhearann saidbhir (My Land is Rich)/ Nelly Garvey’s Favorite/ ‘G ioman nan gamhan ‘s mi muladach/ Jerry’s Pipe Jig”

It’s been a while since I had any Gaelic songs on my lists, so here are a few songs from Scottish folk singer Julie Fowlis. I have a small stack of books in my collection now to help me learn both Irish and Scottish Gaelic, but it will be a while before I can sing along with Julie Fowlis’ songs and know exactly what I am singing. Still, listening to her music I am more enthused about studying these lovely old languages- she makes pronouncing these complicated-looking words sound so easy!

12. We Are the Birdcage- “Crook”

A friend of mine is going through a rough time right now, and this song, another one I found while browsing spotify’s library, sounds a lot like the sort of stuff I could imagine her singing right now.

13. David Francey- “Hard Steel Mill”

I only just barely started listening to this guy’s music, another new find from my browsing, but I love his voice and especially his accent. You know, honestly, if I had a cute Irish lad like Neil Byrne available, I might not be quite so fixated n my current crush. There’s just something sexy about certain accents, and my current crush, besides being not interested in me (a detail that would also give a cute interested Irishman an advantage) is also an American, with a plain old American accent.

14. They Might Be Giants- “Whistling in the Dark”

I  heard the band Constitution play a couple different shows lately, and while they didn’t cover this song, they did cover another TMBG song in one of their sets, along with their hilarious rendition of the Wilson Phillips song “Hold On”.

15. Rising Appalachia- “You Don’t Miss Your Water Till Your Well Runs Dry”

I want to learn the words to this song so I can sing it under my breath while walking around town. I suppose it could also be fun to sing with someone else, but I am still far happier watching other people sing behind the microphones than I am at the thought of trying it myself. (coward? me? of course!)

16. Nickle Creek- “When You Come Back Down”

That ever-present fantasy of grown-up life- having someone around to catch you when your latest adventure winds down. The reality is usually that the people you trust to be there are long gone by the time you finish taking all those chances and having all those adventures, but the reality also is, at least in the Fort Collins music scene, that the whole community acts as a bit of a safety net, not always enough (there are musicians every year who leave because they don’t find the resources they need here to survive) but still far better than in many local music scenes.

17. Alabama- “If You’re Gonna Play in Texas”

I met a fiddler a few weeks ago who is leaving Colorado for the Portland area, but who in his last few weeks here seemed to turn up every few days or so as a guest artist in a different band. For some reason we seem to have very few fiddlers floating around Fort Collins, so this guy really stood out, and every band he sat in with sounded just a bit cooler with the extra ornamentation of his fiddle in their songs. So, while we are not Texas, maybe Fort Collins ought to see about getting more fiddlers.

18. Tyler T.- “Let My People Go”

Speaking of Texas… Tyler is a local Fort Collins artist now, and we’re keeping him, I hope, but he is originally from Lubbock, Texas. He’ll be playing at a friend’s show tomorrow night at Hodi’s Half Note, and I’m pretty sure he’ll also be playing at Equinox Brewing Co. from 6-8 this Saturday, along with another friend, a battle of the one-man-bands show which sounds pretty exciting.

19. The Patti Fiasco- “Someone Tell Me”

I missed this band twice in 2 days this past weekend, but I heard that their shows were absolutely fantastic both nights. I did see them at Hodi’s a few weeks ago, at least. I also did manage to catch Patti Fiasco’s lead singer Alysia Kraft with Sandi Foster in their new duo act, newly christened Whippoorwill, this past Saturday. This duo has the sort of sound that reminds me of Melissa Etheridge or Brandi Carlile, and now that they have a name for themselves hopefully they’ll be playing at venues all around the Front Range region soon.

20. John Prine- “The Moon is Down”

Enough of my friends cover John Prine songs that I figured I ought to check out a few John Prine albums. I don’t remember if I have heard this one covered live yet, but I really like this song.

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