Other Options (besides Finspiration) for Tonight

Saturday, July 13

Besides the 12hr Americana/Country/Rock festival, Finspiration 2, going on at Swing Station in Laporte, there are plenty of other music events going on tonight. So, if Finspiration just isn’t your thing, here’s some of what you can choose from tonight.

Paddler’s Pub- Futaba, Free, all ages, 4-9pm. A very cool local band in one of the neatest venues I’ve visited so far. Paddler’s Pub is located just past Shields on Highway 287, and is almost entirely outdoors, so do bring rain gear- it rained almost all evening when I was there last night, and it is rainy in Laporte now, just a bit further west from Paddler’s Pub.

Hodi’s Half Note- 42 records presents: NOCO artist showcase. I have no idea what this show will be like, but it might be cool. It does cost $15, same as Finspiration 2, so hopefully it is at least as good as the festival where I am currently sitting (& enjoying some really good solo acoustic country right now).

Road 34- Escape Goats with Cary Morin. This is the second event of the Escape Goats’ Cd release party. I am partial to live music, a necessary requisite for my being a music blogger really, but I did get a chance to listen to the Escape Goats’ new album this morning while I was getting ready for today’s festival, and it is a lovely album. If you want a great show tonight for very little money, this show at Road 34 tonight will only be $5, AND Cary Morin will be playing, always a particular treat.

Cranknstein- Leaded. Cranknstein is celebrating their re-opening tonight with free live music from Leaded, a band which apparently has a xylophone.

Equinox Brewing Co- The Hand Picked Band.

For more music events in and near Fort Collins, you can also check out the Fort Collins Live Music facebook page, run by a fellow local music blogger/promoter in town. The calender on the Fort Collins Live Music page lists lots more great music events, with a slightly different focus.

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Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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