Finspiration 2: Still 2 More Bands

Deadwood Saints is just now clearing the stage, and Waylon Willies are getting set up for the second to last show of the second annual Finspiration Festival. The outside patio is still full of people, and so long as it stays fairly dry outside, the space in front of the indoor stage remains clear enough for dancing. And, unlike many music venues, there is still food being sold outside, including some tasty hot dogs I’ve been snacking on periodically all day.

The next band up is a great Western Swing/Americana band, the Waylon Willies, followed by the final act of the night, Patti Fiasco. This last band played what I hear was an absolutely amazing show last night in Old Town Square, so since I missed that show, it’ll be great to see them tonight instead.

The indoor stage opened up with Better Than Bacon, playing a bunch of newer songs they will be recording this fall. They do sound a bit different without Ryan Zwanziger as their frontman, but this band is settling into a nice sound as a 3-piece ‘greasy’ rock & roll band. This band also played a set at Whole Foods’ BBQ event earlier today, so some folks in Fort Collins who had the misfortune to miss tonight’s show here in Laporte at least got to catch Better Than Bacon earlier.

Better Than Bacon at Finspiration 2

Better Than Bacon at Finspiration 2

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