What You Missed at the Avo’s Open Mic

July 2, 2013

This week’s open mic at Avogadro’s Number was unusually busy, a sign of things to come perhaps? Sadly this meant that the many musicians who walked in an hour or so after the sign-up began did not, for the most part, make it onto the schedule, and there were some really great sets that did NOT happen tonight as a result, I’m sure. The people who did perform gave a great series of performances though, and I did not actually make it out of Avo’s in time to catch the show at Hodi’s after the open mic, unlike most weeks.

Orion Freeman

Orion Freeman at Avo's Open Mic

Orion Freeman at Avo’s Open Mic

This fellow was our featured artist for the night, a visiting singer-songwriter from Philadelphia. He started a bit late, so he didn’t play a full 50 minutes, but he played quite a few solid songs for us. Orion Freeman is in the middle of a kickstarter at the moment to record a new album titled The Divine Game, and has until August 1 to gather his goal of $12,500. His music sounded great at the open mic, where he was playing solo with just an acoustic guitar, so I’m sure his music when properly recorded with strings and upright bass and other accompaniment will sound even better.

The Odd Jobs, Canyon Collected

These two fledgeling bands certainly changed the pace of the open mic a bit, seeing as the typical performer most weeks is a solo singer with their guitar. The Odd Jobs played a sort of acoustic guitar rendition of pop/hip-hop tunes, an interesting set, if not quite my thing. Canyon Collected was a local bluegrass/folk/Americana band of sorts, more established than the Odd Jobs and in a genre that does quite well in Fort Collins. This group originated in Yellowstone as the Canyon Collective, but the assemblage of musicians who performed at the open mic are a sort of regeneration of this original group, I guess, located in Loveland.

Adam Nobody at Avo's Open Mic

Adam Nobody at Avo’s Open Mic

Adam Nobody

Many of the open mic regulars who usually play this show did not get on the schedule this week because we had so many people show up right at 7pm to sign up. Adam was one of the few who made it onto the stage this week. This is the fellow who plays a great solo punk rock set, a style of music we see very little of at this open mic. His music might fit in slightly better at Lucky Joe’s, but then again he stands out more at Avogadro’s Number, and it is nice to have a refreshingly different style of music every so often at any open mic.

Other solo guys with guitars this week were open mic regular B. Nash, newcomer Daniel Driver (visiting from Texas), and a familiar face from the local band the Escape Goats, Joe Shicke. Joe stuck around quite a while to play the very last spot of the night, as the last person to sign up for the night. Several other musicians also turned up around the same time he did and just barely missed that last time slot, so we really could have had another hour or more of music, even just including those musicians I know would play a great set, but we’d have been there till 1am or later to get through all those additional 20 minute set. Anyone have a time machine we could borrow for the next show?

196One of the newcomers who was on the list and not playing a guitar was Adam Miller, who brought lots of his friends to the show and played a set on his autoharp. I think I have seen people play these fascinating instruments before, but not in the past decade, so this was a pretty cool addition to the evening. Adam was playing a farewell show before leaving the country for Indonesia, which explains how he got so many friends to show up and stay late on a Tuesday, but from the looks on their faces, most of his friends were also at least as interested in his instrument as I was.

Rich (with) Friends

Rich (with) Friends at Avo's Open Mic

Rich (with) Friends at Avo’s Open Mic

The band Rich With Friends consists of 4 people- Rich, Emily, Kenny and Brian, and Brian was absent for the open mic show, so technically this was not Rich With Friends, just Rich with two of his bandmates, plus an extra friend to play hand-drum on a song. And, Kenny, who usually plays a large upright bass, was just singing harmonies this time after having stitches in one of his fingers. Emily said after her solo song that this was the first time she had performed solo like that, and afterward she seemed pretty relieved that it was over, but she sounded great on her solo and their whole set sounded lovely.  Needless to say, these guys were my favorite performers of the night- they are one of my favorite local folk/bluegrass bands, after all, even if they had no bass and no Brian this time.

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