Week in Review, June 24-July 1

Greyweather at Odells

Greyweather at Odells

It’s been a great week, as always, in the Fort Collins live music scene. Even with not taking a full day off from seeing live music shows (because greyweather was playing at Odell Brewing Co on Wednesday) it took till just last night for me to reach that point where I know it is time for a break.


Fox & Hound at Avo's

Fox & Hound at Avo’s

Last week’s Avo’s Open Mic was actually one of the highlights of the week again. This weekly event has gotten a bit slow over the past month or so, but this past week we had a surprise change to the featured artist spot, bringing in the Fox & Hound duo from Cheyenne, Wyoming to open the event. This duo sounds a lot like some of the British folk groups I have heard over the past year, and also reminds me very much of bands like Nickle Creek. The musicians kept trickling in during the first few sets of the night, and by the end of the evening we had actually had a full schedule of solid music, more than entertaining enough to keep me from wandering off to see what was on at Hodi’s.

Other performers of note Tuesday night were Luke Callen, Adam Nobody, Carrie Dubbel and B. Nash, plus a duo set from Josh Lang of Futaba and one of the musicians from Avo’s house bluegrass band. Tonight’s show should be at least as good, and hopefully these weekly open mic shows will continue to be as entertaining for the rest of the season.

Other music at Avogadro’s Number

Kendl Winter at Avo's

Kendl Winter at Avo’s

Besides the open mic, Avogadro’s Number hosted a couple shows that made it onto my schedule this past week. My favorite was either Kendl Winter and Free Range Pickens or yesterday’s show, Molly’s Revenge. Free Range Pickens is a band I have mentioned on this blog many times- they are a newer bluegrass/newgrass/folk band I really like here in Fort Collins. Kendl Winter is a singer/songwriter living out in Washington state now, with a nice folksy-bluesy voice and some really good songs. She has a new duo project in progress, which will get its own post soon.

008Molly’s Revenge is a Celtic folk band out of California, and as we rarely get Celtic shows here, I really appreciated the bodhran, tin whistle and bagpipes on their stage yesterday. How will I ever master my own bodhran if no one around here plays one? This band was more on the traditional end of the Celtic music range, moreso than the Commoners anyway, and would be the perfect sort of band for any Irish festival. Note to local would-be Celtic band members in Fort Collins: we need more bands like this in Fort Collins, so yes, please start more good Celtic bands like Molly’s Revenge here in Fort Collins. I will take photos, write about you and promote you to ALL my friends, I promise.

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