Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: June 26

New week, new blog site, new playlist. I am still not sure how much of my commentary on these lists gets read, but I know some people have been enjoying these lists. This week’s list is a nice blend of local music, classic rock from my childhood, and a few songs that vaguely remind me of the funk music I’ve been absorbing lately on Mondays at Hodi’s Half Note. How many of these songs do you know already? I’ve had this week’s playlist on repeat for days now, and can safely say that if you have not heard some of these songs yet, they are worth checking out.

The List:

1. Rush- “The Spirit of Radio”

This is one of the songs that always reminds me of my eldest step-sister. She and her sister were a major influence on my music tastes in high school, though I never was as fond of Rush and Firehouse as she was. I far preferred Styx, Europe and early Led Zeppelin, but these songs she used to play hold lots of memories.

2. Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton- “Islands in the Stream”

I read the book Islands in the Stream, by Ernest Hemmingway, a couple years ago, and this song kept running through my head every time I looked at the book’s title.

3. Wailin’ Jennys- “Deeper Well”

4. Tyler T.- “Voodoo That You Do”

The first time I listened to Tyler’s album, this song blended into the background, definitely not my favorite off the album. But, since then, the more I hear Tyler’s music live and from his album, this is the song that stays stuck in my head for days at a time. I think maybe the odd disconnect of hearing horns from a stage set-up that has no horns visible may be partly to blame, but this is also just a really catchy song. I’d love to see it done live with the horn section from Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy as special guests, actually. Maybe next time Tyler T. and Carrie Nation & the Speakeasy are both in town they can book a show together so this can happen. 🙂

5. The High Kings- “The Little Beggerman”

I feel so proud when I can sing along to this one without getting tongue-tied or forgetting words.

6. Chris Thile- “I’m Yours If You Want Me”

7. Alison Krauss- “When You Say Nothing At All”

8. Simon & Garfunkel- “Barbriallen”

This is Paul Simon & Art Garfunkel’s rendition of the old English folk song Barbara Allen.

9. Matthew Santos- “Dead Star Watching”

This song sounds so much like the stuff I am used to hearing from Paolo Nutini, that I have to double check the artist’s name every time this song comes on.

10. Better Than Bacon- “Glasses Full”

Better Than Bacon won’t be quite the same without Ryan, but they’re still capable of making some great music. This is one of the songs that James Yearling sang while Ryan Zwanziger was still in the band, and gives a taste of what this band can do with its current line-up.

11. Foreigner- “I Want to Know What Love Is”

12. Stevie Wonder- “You Are the Sunshine of My Life”

13. Danielle Ate the Sandwich- “The Have-Nots”

14. The Patti Fiasco- “You Break It, You Buy It”

I just saw this band again last weekend, and they are still dynamite on this song, and really just in general. The Patti Fiasco played at Hodi’s Half Note, and for this song they had pretty much the whole packed room singing along in unison for every chorus. This is one of those local bands that has a particular magic about them- I know several of the people in this band, as normal people I am friends with, but when they are on stage they are transformed into very cool rockstar celebrities instantly.

15. Greyweather- “Gettin’ Myself Back”

From their recorded music this one is not one of my favorites, but having seen this band twice now, I love how enthusiastic Jesse is about this song when they perform it- I actually feel more enthusiastic about it myself just by osmosis, I think, watching him getting into it. It is a catchy tune and a good theme, and I really like the inclusion of ginger ale as a drink option. After “Carbon Copies”, this one is probably one of the next most radio-worthy of their released songs.

16. Bon Jovi- “Blaze of Glory”

17. The Haunted Windchimes- “Hallelujah”

I missed this band at the last New West Fest, and am only now getting around to listening to them on spotify, but these guys sound REALLY good. Hopefully I can catch them live this season.

18. Ross Crean- “Damn the Wallflowers”

19. Fierce Bad Rabbit- “The Maestro and the Elephant”

This is the title track off Fierce Bad Rabbit’s latest album.

20. Tina Turner, Bryan Adams- “It’s Only Love”

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