Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: June 19

Here it is, the songlist for this week, featuring a few of the great artists who have performed around Fort Collins recently, plus a few classics and a few songs from artists I’ve come across randomly through spotify. There are some particularly good songs on this week’s list.

The List:
1. Dar Williams- “I Have Lost My Dreams” 
2. Places- “Still on My Mind”
The more I listen to this Denver band’s music, the more I like them. They play a great live show, too.
3. Hectic Hobo- “Alberta”
Hectic Hobo, an excellent folk/Americana band from Salt Lake City, was in Fort Collins a few weeks ago, playing a show with the local bluegrass/folk band Rich WITH Friends and local singer-songwriter Luke Callen.
4. Heather Maloney- “Dirt and Stardust”
5. Carrie Nation and the Speakeasy- “You’re Too Late”
This band played a show in Fort Collins a few weeks back for the Choice City Stomp mini-festival at Hodi’s Half Note, and also played an unplugged patio show at the Forge pub that same weekend. These guys were an instant favorite for me, a truly addictive band well worth checking out.

6. Tyler T.- “Place Called Home”
It’s hard to believe I only came across this fellow’s music a few months ago. I certainly had his CD close to memorized long before I possessed a hard-copy of it, though since I see him play live shows with other musicians, either in his band or with the talented Cary Morin on electric guitar and slide guitar, I seem to forget how his instrumental sections sound when he plays them solo. I’ve heard this one, my favorite off Tyler’s album, in several different (& equally great) arrangements over the past few months.
7. Rachel Brooke- “Only For You”
Rachel also performed at the Choice City Stomp mini-festival. She is a charming, beautiful lady who sounds especially lovely live- I find that her recorded music falls a bit flat when compared with her live show, though her recordings sound fine. I think maybe the glow from all those smitten male fans in the audience may bring out an extra something in her music that a studio just can’t duplicate.
8. Fiach- “So I (Have Fallen Down Again)”
This fellow should be getting his next album out quite soon, at least by the time I run out of favorites from his older releases for these lists.
9. Post Paradise- “Put Out The Fires”
This band’s CD release show a few weeks ago was a really fun event, with SpokesBUZZ band Shatterproof and the very cool Denver band Rachel and the Kings, plus Post Paradise with their luscious light show. Post Paradise has another show at Hodi’s here in Fort Collins at the end of June, so whoever missed their last two shows can catch them at that show.
10. Danielle Ate the Sandwich- “Some Other Girl”
One of the shows I may be attempting to fit into my plans this Friday is Danielle’s show at Avogadro’s Number. I always love seeing this lady’s shows. She has a great sense of humor and makes her live show into a lot more than just a recital of her excellent songs. This song remains a bit cryptic, no matter how many times I’ve seen Danielle’s shows and heard her talk about her music, but cryptic can be good.
11. Pale Blue Jak- “Paperboy”
For a singer from the well-behaved family entertainment show Celtic Thunder, this is quite the racy song, and no doubt there are quite a few Thunderheads who enjoy the images this song brings to mind. Obviously Neil Byrne has more to him than one sees when he is representing Celtic Thunder.
12. The Wailin’ Jennys- “Saucy Sailor”
13. Glee Cast- “Take Care of Yourself”
Yep, this is the Damian McGinty version of this song. It really is a great song for Damian’s voice.
14. Queen- “Love of My Life”
15. Bon Jovi- “I’ll Be There For You”
16. Styx- “Come Sail Away”
17. Michael Ball- “Not While I’m Around”
18. Elephant Revival- “Raven Song”
A song by one of my favorite folk bands, with ravens in it. I don’t really have a theme song for my blogging efforts, but this one would be a great candidate for such honors.
19. Rascal Flatts- “Life is a Highway”
20. Fierce Bad Rabbit- “Gone Dear”
It’s been far too long since I last saw this band live. No doubt they will be playing a few shows this summer in town, though, since they have their new album, The Maestro and the Elephant, to promote. This song is off their earlier album, Spools of Thread.


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