Spotify: Ravenmount Playlists To Check Out

The weekly playlists on this blog are collections of (usually) 20 songs that I like enough to recommend them to friends, with the added condition that they must be available on spotify. I like to choose songs for my playlists that anyone in the US (and in many places outside the US) connected to the internet can access for free. I always prefer to fall in love with at least one song on an album before I buy the CD. Unfortunately many artists I write about are not often on the radio where I live, and also have limited radio access elsewhere.  So, for anyone else who is like me, the songs on my playlists are all great songs (in my opinion) to check out, and each week’s playlist runs about an hour, the equivalent of a sort of radio show, I guess. That was my original intention last summer when I started making these lists for my own enjoyment- to have a diverse collection of tracks I enjoy hearing, available in one list as a replacement for the repetitive and stylistically limited music on mainstream radio.

Each week’s songlist is actually available as a distinct playlist on spotify for a few weeks, after which the songs are added to “Accumulated Lists” of ~200 songs each. The weekly lists do get deleted after a few weeks, but the Accumulated Lists remain available and are already in order by the weeks the songs were posted. If you want to sit back and listen to older lists from this blog, just go to the appropriate Accumulated List, locate the song with which your desired weekly list begins, and click to play the playlist from that song. Or listen to the whole list, on random or not. Here is the most recently filled Accumulated List. The first list from 2013 and the three from 2012 are also available from my profile on spotify, along with many other lists. Just search for Ravenmount to find them all.

Spotify is free, though you can pay a monthly rate to make the ads go away and be able to listen to your playlists offline, and unlike Pandora, when you listen to music on spotify it is like having an infinite library of music on your personal itunes. Many indie artists and emerging local artists have their music on spotify, and many of the mainstream artists as well, and more artists add their music to the library every week. The ads are annoying, but they are annoying on Pandora too. I am amazed every time an ad comes on trying to sell me something using some speaker who sounds like an absolute idiot, but the monthly rates are pretty decent, about the same as monthly basic netflix subscriptions. A new feature which may be useful is that users can now follow artists and other users; if you want to find out when your favorite artists post new music to spotify, you may wish to click follow on those artists’ profile pages.

If you haven’t tried it yet, you might as well take spotify for a trial run this summer and see if you, too, prefer this sort of music service over the other services available currently. And, while you’re at it, check out the Ravenmount playlists for LOTS of great music you may not have come across before.

About Ravenmount

Independent science nerd/writer/music blogger/arts enthusiast/theorist currently in Colorado.
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