What You Missed: Avo’s Open Mic, Cranknstein & Hodi’s

Avogadro’s Open Mic, Cranknstein & Hodi’s , May 20, 2013

Adam Devlin

Tonight’s show was a shorter one than usual, as most of the student population of Fort Collins has headed out of town. A few intrepid returning performers came out, though, taking advantage of the guaranteed small audience and low-pressure to try out new material. The patio is open now, and not too chilly, so there were probably a few extra listeners outside, actually, and in the middle room where the open mic takes place we actually had ~10 people, which is not bad, all things considered.

Charity Mondok

highlights at this week’s open mic
Adam Devlin was probably my favorite this week, with Charity as a close second. His singing is a notch above most pop singers in town, and his songs, even when they don’t come off quite as planned, always sound like something one might hear on a decent pop/rock radio show.

Jordan Coleson returned to the open mic with several of his newer originals, some a bit rough, but of course that’s always the risk when trying out new or rusty material. A few more run-throughs of those songs and he’ll be ready to set up his artist page on facebook and start gigging.

Charity Mondok turned up again with another edgy set of tunes, including several about drugs, a characteristic topic for this talented lady. I especially like that Charity has a good voice, and an interesting one, so that her music is not just the angry, gritty, taboo-shattering noise-making many people in her genre seem to be content with creating. Hopefully she’ll be playing more shows around town in the near future so that the majority of Fort Collins, who seem unwilling or unable to visit the open mic show at Avogadro’s Number.

elsewhere around town

Nick Bonnett & Friends

Cranknstein– I only caught the last 30 minutes of Nick Bonnett’s show at Cranknstein tonight, but it sounded like these guys had a lot of fun. Nick was joined on ‘stage’ by Tyler Gravel, Austen Broberg and Laura, who was no longer there by the time I arrived. For a first ever full show, they did a pretty decent job, though they do need to develop more material for a longer slot like an evening show at Cranknstein. The space at this venue is alright with or without live music, and this new band did at least draw a few more people in than would otherwise have chosen to hang out at this particular bar/coffee shop late on a Tuesday. No doubt at their next show they’ll have more songs prepared and be ready to keep impressing new fans with their music till closing time.

The Electric Sunday at Hodi’s

Hodi’s Half Note– I couldn’t go almost a year as a music blogger without accidentally leaving something at a venue, and this weekend my many evenings out finally caught up with me- I left my spare camera battery plugged into my spare charger, on a power strip in Hodi’s, and it was still there when I left late at night after Post Paradise’s CD release party. So, I stopped by there on the way back from Cranknstein to see if I could have any better luck finding and retrieving my errant charger, after a friend tried unsuccessfully to find it for me yesterday. So, I also hung out and took a few pictures of the band playing there tonight, The Electric Sunday. These guys were actually pretty good. They are here all the way from Montana, and already played in Fort Collins a few days ago as well at the Blind Pig, so . They were really cramped squished onto the small stage at Hodi’s, but crowds are pretty small everywhere tonight, understandable since it is the Tuesday after CSU’s school year just ended. Still, this would be a great band to see if you wanted some solid rock music you could dance to, a great way to party after the end of a semester, even on a Tuesday. The Electric Sunday has 3 more Colorado shows listed for the month- 

May 23rd – Toad Tavern – Littleton, 
May 24th – D Note – Arvada, 
May 30th – Herman’s Hideaway – Denver

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