Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: May 20

Here it is- the new playlist. As always, these songs are all available on spotify. I’ve included several local bands, a bit of Celtic Thunder, and lots of other great stuff this week. Happy Listening!

1. Better Than Bacon – “Into the Country”
This week’s playlist kicks off with a band that will be going through some fairly major adjustments this summer as they weather the loss of their talented frontman. Better Than Bacon, a band that has been developing a solid following in Fort Collins since it began several years ago, will be losing Ryan Zwanziger in June when he moves back to Minnesota. While this is clearly a major change for this band, I’m sure we’ll hear great new music from Ryan again once he settles into his life up North, and I’m sure Better Than Bacon can still give a fantastic live show without Ryan, even if it isn’t quite the same without him.

2. Celtic Thunder, Emmet Cahill – “Isle of Innisfree”
One of the entertaining developments in Celtic Thunderland lately is the development of Celtic Comet, aka Emmet Cahill and Colm Keegan. While I doubt there will be any new album releases from this duo, they certainly are capable of creating such an album in the course of creating their show for the Celtic Thunder Cruise, which will be this duo’s first official full-length concert. Colm and Emmet have been doing more frequent live chats with their fans lately and have been taking requests seriously. Emmet, who so far sings songs like the one included in this week’s list, is working on a new cover which he says is quite a bit different.

3. Thea Gilmore – “Ever Fallen In Love”
A song by one of my favorite female singers about the hazards of falling in love. This is as much my theme song for the month as Justin Roth’s “Crush” from last week’s list. It is a very good thing for the continuation of our species that most humans on the planet do not approach romance as I do. I used to approach these things very differently, but as I am now in my advanced age, if left to my own devices I’d probably never have to admit to falling in love with anyone, ever.

4. Danielle Ate the Sandwich – “Soldier”
Most of Danielle’s songs are a bit more lighthearted, at least on the surface. This one, while still focused on a very personal, human scale, gets very decidedly political and serious. I think actually part of what makes this song so effective is that Danielle is not ‘known’ for political message songs, so it is more compelling when she sings about war and soldiering and what it does to people.

5. Peter, Paul and Mary – “Leaving on a Jet Plane”
6. Ari Hest – “The Weight”
7. Harry Manx – “Nine Summers Lost”
I do really like this song in its own right, but it made the list this week in part because the songs I want to include on this list from local artists are not always available on spotify, or even in a released recording of any kind. This guy reminds me of one of those artists in particular, so this track is standing in for the songs I would like to include, plus representing itself.

8. Bettye Lavette – “Most of the Time”
I’ve been browsing through several bob Dylan tribute collections ever since the live show I saw here in Fort Collins. This is another of my favorite Bob Dylan songs, and it might turn up later in the year in its original form, too, despite my reticence about repeating songs.

9. Westlife – “Total Eclipse of the Heart”
I included an Emmet Cahill song, and there really are not many recordings yet of Colm Keegan, so this one is for him. Colm is always joking around about his fabled days with Westlife, after all. I could see Colm, and Emmet for that matter, as part of Westlife, if only they were a bit older. Westlife is officially disbanded, as of last October, so maybe Celtic Comet can fill the vacuum left by the departure of this extremely successful band. I still prefer the original version of this song, as recorded by Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler, preferably with the additional verses that are left out for the radio cut, but Westlife did a decent cover.

10. Queen – “See What a Fool I’ve Been”
I would absolutely love to see one of my favorite local bands, Mama Lenny and the Remedy, cover this song.

11. Heather Maloney – “Nightstand Drawer”
Yes, occasionally spotify really does work as a music discovery tool, and this artist is one I came across as a related artist to several others I already know I enjoy. I only just started listening to Heather Maloney, so I only have digested a few songs so far, but I like this lady’s songwriting already.

12. Mary Byrne – “You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me”
13. Mama Lenny and the Remedy – “Mixed Messages”
This was not my favorite song off this band’s debut album, but after seeing them live several times, this is one of my favorites from their live shows. It is hard to capture the energy of this band on this song in a studio recording, or in any recording really, and Laniece (the ‘Lenny’ of the band’s name) always has so much more fun with the lead vocals on stage than this recording would suggest. And, of course, since the front-line of this band is all women, very sexy ladies often in heels and slinky sequined dresses, this song naturally takes on an attitude that even the folks in the back of the room can’t easily resist.

14. Pet Shop Boys – “Love is a Catastrophe”
15. John Mayer – “Daughters”
16. Whitesnake – “Here I Go Again”
17. Post Paradise – “Interlude: Bach Cello Suite No. 1”
It isn’t often you see a packed audience for a progressive rock band cheering at the top of their lungs for the first bars of a Bach cello suite. This is exactly the response this song got at the concert this past weekend for Post Paradise’s CD release party (for their new album Digging Secrets). The stage for this band’s shows is absolutely gorgeous, with a choreographed lightshow and judicious amounts of dry-ice, and their cellist, Amy, is always dramatically lit as she starts this one. Bach never had electric guitars or bass guitars to play with, so the Post Paradise rendition of this Bach suite is a modern interpretation, but Bach might have appreciated this rock version of his music.

18. Darren Criss – “New Morning”
19. Jerry Jeff Walker – “Mr. Bojangles”
20. The String Cheese Incident – “The Old Home Place”

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