News & Notes May 16, 2013

The weather is finally warm, days are getting longer, and all the local restaurants and bars with patios have their outdoor tables set up and the patio doors open. The outdoor music season has not quite gotten into full swing, but very soon I’ll be reminding myself of all those settings on my camera that I never use in the dark crowded bars of the winter live music season.

Quite a few artists and bands are working on or about to release new music now, and CD release parties seem to be becoming more common. On my radar, Post Paradise is releasing their new album, Digging Secrets, on Saturday, with their release party at Hodi’s Half Note. Another CD release party I’ll probably catch this weekend is for Bill Smith, one of the still-sizeable list of local artists with which I am not yet familiar, but since FunkyTunk Heroes will be performing at that party, I’ll probably be there. 
Other CD news- Eric Daugherty, one of the Walled City Records artists, has announced that he will be releasing his new album on June 10, with the prerelease date hopefully coming up soon along with a music video or something so we can hear a taste of Eric’s music before his album is available. His studio recordings are quite a bit different from what he did for the acoustic video Walled City Records featured earlier this year. Darrell Coyle is still on track to release his second EP this summer, and in the meantime he has been putting plenty of music up on soundcloud and has added some music to his facebook page as well. Of all the artists I follow Darrell is one of the best at keeping new music coming, and his style of music lends well to the more or less rough demos he has been posting on soundcloud and youtube. 
In the Colorado music scene Mama Lenny and the Remedy will be releasing their second album this summer, including some of the new songs they have been performing live over the past few months. Stout Studio’ where Mama Lenny recorded their first and this upcoming second album, is also working with Patti Fiasco on their second album. There’s quite a bit more coming from Stout Studio over the next few months, including music from Constitution and the Seers.

Besides the Stout Studio artists, there are of course lots of other albums coming soon.  The commoners have given up trying to cut their CD to just one disc, so their new album when it comes out will apparently be 2-discs. Good Gravy & Lara Ruggles both have been finishing up funding campaigns online. There are several other artists who have been doing kickstarters or similar crowd-funding campaigns to fund new albums, too. I posted a note on Maxwell Hughes’ funding campaign recently, and I’ll post others as they catch my eye. Last but not least, Gary Elliott, who came to the Thunderheads’ attention with his appearance at the Walled City Records Session in December-  His debut EP Oceans is currently available online, and with the money he earns from his EP he intends to make a full-length album in the near future.

In addition to new albums, we have new bands emerging to try their luck on the local music scene. I have featured Von Stomper and Tyler T and the Common Clay so far, both bands which include at least one musician with whom I am already familiar (which is why I knew about these bands’ debut shows- new bands take time to develop a following and good communication networks). I’m sure there are lots more new bands I have just not heard of yet because I haven’t met the right musicians yet. Many of the artists who have been performing at the Avo’s open mic have also been doing longer solo shows around town lately, so the cast of characters on this blog will most definitely keep growing as the season develops. 

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