Weekly 20 Songs Playlist: May 13

There are songs I wish I could list this week, that I can’t, especially my current favorite Tyler T. song which I’ve heard a couple times now live but which is not on any album yet. (Though when I was at his last show I was pondering how much more exciting his music is live,compared to the sound that could possibly come from any recording played on my sad computer-speakers.) There are also artists and bands I’ve encountered recently enough in person that they’d be on my list for sure if I had their music on spotify. Despite these limitations, I did include a few of the lovely people I’ve had the chance to meet over the past few months, along with a decent array of well-known and popular artists and some of the lesser-known artists I have come across on spotify.
(And, since I am not posting album covers on these lists now, here’s a nifty embedded video of one of the songs from this week’s list, my favorite video from Danielle Ate the Sandwich for her song “American Dream”)

This Week’s List:
1. Doc Watson – “Black Mountain Rag” – The name “Black Mountain Ramble” in Fort Collins belongs to a cool, relatively new monthly live music show featuring great acoustic music from our many excellent local singer-songwriters. The “Black Mountain” in this classic tune is in the Appalachian Mountains, not the Rockies, but we have at least a few mountains in our own range that have been known as “Black Mountain” too.
2. Justin Roth – “Crush” – One function of music is to externalize and express our experiences and emotions, of course, which is why we tend to listen to depressing songs while depressed and happy songs when we are happy. This month my theme song is one written by one of the fantastic local musicians I’ve been fortunate to meet here in Fort Collins. I love the chorus, especially, but the whole song really does capture my pleasurable yet obnoxious and potentially inconvenient new obsession. No, these things do not go away when you are over 30. Makes me wonder whether my married friends manage to escape having crushes on people, actually- I suppose if you marry the person you were crushing on, and remain infatuated with them that’d make new crushes unlikely, but then again if you have been married long enough for that infatuation to wear off, maybe it just gets more inconvenient. Anyway…
3. Katie Glassman – “1000 Shades of Blues” – It looks like Katie Glassman is hard at work making a new album, so perhaps by the time I run out of favorites from her first album I’ll have all new music from this talented lady to feature on these lists.
4. Angelique Kidjo – “We Are One”
5. Devics – “Gold in the Girl”
6. Ralph Stanley – “Children, Go Where I Send Thee”
7. Carbon Leaf – “Paloma” – There are several songs with the name Paloma in them, including the choir song I learned for a women’s choir concert a while back. As I have been reading James Michener’s book Mexico this past week, and a song called “Paloma” was referenced, I included this song this week. The “Paloma” song I learned for choir was in Spanish and rather morbid, but the song I’ve listed here is quite a bit nicer and in English. I think I do prefer the choir song, morbid and gloomy as it most definitely is, but this one is growing on me.
8. Gilberto Gil – “A Moreninha” – And since I included an English-language “Paloma”, I also included some music that fit better with the aesthetic in my head while I was reading Michener’s book.
9. Little Big Town – “Bones”
10. Mercan Dade – “Cotton Princess and Seven Midgets vs. Ali Baba and the Forty Eskimos”
11. Ross Crean – “O Mhairead Og!” – One of these days Ross will have to tour and include a stop in Fort Collins, I’m guessing at Everyday Joe’s or Avogadro’s Number, so I can meet this fellow properly. My mental artist categories have become Artists I Know Or Have At Least Met, Artists from Far Away That I May Never Meet, and Artists I Haven’t Met Yet But Probably Will. Ross Crean, in my head, ought to be in the first category by now. Or he could just relocate to the Fort Collins arts scene? I suspect that Ross’s music is like Tyler T’s in that it is more dynamic and interesting when heard live, though, and once addicted to the richer live music from such people, recordings seem like such pale shadows by comparison. Kidnapping and keeping such artists for easier access to their live music probably would not go over so well, unfortunately, even if I could afford to keep a collection of actual musicians. In the meantime, I included another of Ross Crean’s Irish songs this week.
12. Savage Garden – “Truly Madly Deeply”
13. Scarlett Johansson – “Summertime”
14. Shearwater – “A Hush”
15. XTC – “Beds Are Burning”
16. Danielle Ate the Sandwich – “American Dream” – The song for our generation, maybe, poking at that rosy model lifestyle that my family and church raised me to believe in, and which I seem to have missed almost entirely as an adult. Actually, many of my friends from college have married, bought houses, settled down in a steady job and started their own families, so maybe it is not necessarily generational after all to see the ‘American Dream’ as not so likely or desirable. The not being in debt part of having that steady job would be amazing, but actually for all that my income is pretty nearly nonexistent, I probably have less debt than quite a few of those settled friends, because I am not paying for the house and car and keeping up with insurance and the medical and maintenance costs of having a family. Crazy thought.
17. Fiach – “You Dear” – This Irish singer-songwriter, Fiach Moriarty reminds me a lot of some of the musicians around here. Probably if I lived in Ireland he’d be in my Artists I Know Or Have At Least Met category, and some of the artists whose music I enjoy live here would instead be the Artists from Far Away That I May Never Meet.  In any case, Fiach is another artist from whom I would love to hear new music this year, and he seems to be working on some new tracks this year. His debut album came out in 2010, so it is about time for a new one, right? If Dublin weren’t so far away, I’d definitely be wishing for a Fiach tour too this year that would also stop in Fort Collins, probably also at Everyday Joe’s or Avogadro’s Number. Actually, we did have the Dunwells and Frightened Rabbit in Colorado already this year, if not in Fort Collins, and SHEL was in the UK and Ireland recently, so sure, a Fiach tour sounds like a great and equally reasonable idea.
18. Miranda Lambert – “Greyhound Bound For Nowhere”
19. Mumford and Sons – “Roll Away Your Stone”
20. Elton John – “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”

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