News & Notes, May 8th- Von Stomper, HWY 287/Rosewood Divine, Ross Crean

First, an update on Ross Crean’s new album- it is available a few days early, so if you are interested (and you should be) check out The Reluctant Socialite on Ross Crean’s bandcamp page and name your own price to download it. Sadly Ross is in Chicago, not Northern Colorado, so there’s no local CD release party here, and it may be a while before I have show photos of this fellow, but I’m guessing he may be doing some live performances in/around the Chicago area in the relatively near future, too.

Next on my list, don’t forget that the new band Von Stomper will be performing at Cranknstein in Fort Collins this Saturday at 9pm. Von Stomper is Wolf Van Elfmand, Dane Mark (Free Range Pickins), Taylor Shuck (Free Range Pickins), Mark Austin (Free Range Pickins), and Luke Callen. All 5 of these men are decidedly talented musicians, and they seem to have a particularly strong synergy that promises some fantastic new music. Between this band and Tyler T. and the Common Clay, we have some very exciting new music brewing in town lately. And, of course, Free Range Pickins, the ‘newgrass’/folk/bluegrass band which 3 of the Von Stomper fellows are also part of, is only a few months old, so it is still decidedly a new band on the local music scene as well. 

And last for today’s notes, another event on my music schedule that is of particular interest is the outdoor concert which will be taking place on the CSU campus on Thursday, May 9th, at 5pm. This event takes place in ‘Sherwood Forest’, a wooded area south of the Forestry building. HWY 287 and Rosewood Divine will be playing, both excellent bands in the Americana/Country/Rock spectrum. This is a fundraiser for the Society for Ecological Restoration and the CSU Rangeland Ecology Club, so there is a suggested donation of $3, which helps cover the cost of the music and food (did I mention, there’ll be food at this event?), and there’ll also be a silent auction. 

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