News & Notes, May 7th- Ross Crean, Darrell Coyle, Kate Graves, Jami Lunde

I’ve been feeling spoiled/well appreciated/very fortunate, listening to all the great tunes that have been accumulating on my computer lately. 

Ross Crean’s new album The Reluctant Socialite, which I reviewed recently on this blog, was a particularly welcome addition to my computer’s music collection. This album will be available May 10th on Bandcamp, where folks can name their own price to download it (like suggested donations at live concerts, this sort of arrangement is a great opportunity for fans to chip in a few bucks to support the artist). As Ross is one of those artists I always forget is not universally known, I am always surprised that my friends are not more excited about this new album. I’m certainly still enjoying it. 

Another artist I needed more music from, Darrell Coyle has been updating his soundcloud with lots of great tunes available as free downloads. Darrell has a new EP which will be coming out this summer, but in the meantime he does a very good job of keeping his fans entertained and interested with his frequent youtube videos and demos. Now that he has been putting music on soundcloud, and making these tracks available to download, I can enjoy my favorite Darrell Coyle song, “The Love Song”, even when I am not online. (I know, I picked a very girly favorite song from this guy. But, I am a girl, and it is a great song.) 

A fantastic local country band, Bonnie and the Clydes, has been doing a campaign to get their facebook numbers up, and have been using free downloads as a carrot to lure more of their fans and would-be fans to their facebook page. So, naturally I got to download my free copy of this excellent band’s album Wrong Side Up. If you like country music, and haven’t checked out this band yet, you’re in for a treat. 

In addition to all these other new tunes on my computer, Jesse Niethammer has his new debut album done, & so far is carrying it around on flash drives so he can share it with his friends who have their computers handy (an old-school approach to music distribution which predates soundcloud). So, as I had my computer on hand when I last ran into Jesse, I now have his new album. Jesse combines the hip-hop and pop styles which the ‘younger generation’ go for nowadays with the looping and sampling tricks that allow artists like Tyler T. to simulate a 5-piece band in a solo show. Jesse is still working out his tricks and overall sound, so this first album may not land him on the Top 40 charts just yet, but he’s clearly on his way.  Obviously I can’t pass a memory stick around via this blog, so most likely I’ll be sharing a song or two from Jesse’s album on here soon, through more contemporary means.

And, of course, I have a few new excellent CDs to digest, the latest from Kate Graves (Long Night) and Jami Lunde (Big Black Birds). These ladies played as the featured artists at the Avogadro’s Open Mic last week, and also played at Road 34 a few days later along with Deadwood Saints. Kate plays folk music, but the sort of folk music that led the bar crowd at Road 34 to demand an encore. Her song-writing follows the sad tragic themes that are a staple of country music, while her voice has the sort of rough edginess that reminds me a bit more of blues-singers. Jami Lunde’s music has more of a rock & roll lilt to it, with more upbeat rhythms, but neither of these women is singing mushy love songs. So far my favorite song out of these two ladies’ albums is the title track from Jami Lunde’s album, “Big Black Birds”, but I haven’t had these discs long enough yet to really digest them. No doubt I’ll latch onto more songs over time, from both of these artists.

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